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I see many guys coming here to say HELLO and HEY, plus, some ambitious words of English improving and stuff like that. Then the frequency of their appearance reduces to ZERO. Maybe they have found a better platform to exercise and improve, but I still want to address that harvest comes from perseverance.

DIO could be do it on your own.

The first time I ran into this website, I tried to write something. Then I made many friends, of course, many of them do not come here for a very long time. And now just few guys come out to write. But it does not mind, I feel free to do it on my own to keep something I like. It is not about how many LIKEs and REPLIEs from readers, it is to do with how strongly do you feel of writing on regular basis.

A little bit change everyday

As we always said that Rome was not built in one day. To form a habit is not easy that is why constancy is recommended. A change is not a huge target can be immediately observed, it grows to be mature in a long time. If there is no accumulation of practicing, it has no chance to change.

Anything can be shared

Usually we find it really hard to write because we assume we have no idea to write. Actually, there are so many things we can share. Some good news, bad news, good thoughts, etc., they all can be shared. If we do not know many words, we can use simple words. If we can not write a long article, we can write down a short message. Then we can write longer messages and even we can try to write an essay or a poem.

The importance of reading

Reading plays an important part in terms of English learning, precisely, if we want to learn any of a foreign language, reading is effective and necessary. We can read native news and magazines, original books which is the way to get used to think in English.

The last thing is if you want to improve, please, write down some words.

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