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Chernobyl the history of a nuclear catastrophe

102 views. 2020-10-18 18:57

CHERNOBYL the history of a nuclear catastrophe is the book I am reading these days. It records the history of that unforgettable nuclear catastrophe happened in April 26 1986.

Living in the peace is the thing we commonly wish, meanwhile we face the potential nuclear threat which might happen at some unexpected time.

We do have to cherish the peace and do the best to protect it. Nuclear energy somehow seems to be powerful and inexhaustible. The fact is that we cannot fully master it and it will be the monster if it is out of control.

In the World War Two, the U.S. dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan. It definitely speeded up the surrender of Japan and end of the World War Two and also caused the great damage in Japan. Human beings for the first time witnessed the tremendously terrible disaster.

And in terms of the event of Chernobyl, again, it alarms us we are in danger at any time as long as we use nuclear energy. Nowadays the nuclear industry technology has made huge progress, but we still have to be aware of its safety. In 2011 the nuclear leak from Fukushima Nuclear Power Station caused by earthquake taught us another lesson.

Back to the explosion from one of its Reactors of the Chernobyl, I am allowed to know well about that history. More than thirty decades later, it still has been influencing domestic people in Ukraine. Even if the last Reactor was decommissioned in 2000,the radiation is still there.

Any description is paled compared to this tragedy. Pray for the mercy from God and enjoy the well being.

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