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  • retribution Reply
  • wow~~~after a long time for submitting the materials to study abroad, I come back again~~ Reply
  • It is a long time since I thought in chinese for such a long time, that is so bad~~ Reply
  • nearly all of the confusing problems are caused by money~~ Reply
  • aha, wish many treasures find their ways to the friends in Dioenglish and happy rabbit year~~ Reply
  • Real NameTony
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1985 - 6 - 13
  • Birthplace广西 钦州
  • Residence北京 朝阳
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Einstein 2011-3-6 22:48
nice to see you!
highfive 2011-1-31 21:19
gys44: aha, thanks for your best wishes, also hope you a  brilliant new year~~~btw, there are so many details and troublesome stuff in application, god bless
yep, the details and troubles sometimes make people wanna scream and swear.  I know I swear dirty words secretly in my mind when filling the endless application forms for the Dean's daughter, lol.
Best of luck!
highfive 2011-1-19 23:52
nice to c u 2!  
I also happen to be helping with the application of the dean's daughter these days, and I'm almost worn out and tired of all the boring, rigid stuff and materials that have to be prepared in details and checked over and over again.
so I think I quite understand what you are going through.
anyway, best of luck with the application, the PS and the dream of studying abroad!
庄航程 2011-1-3 15:25
gys44: I am preparing ielts exam, so I have a long holiday with permission from my corporation~~~~theoratically, I am also a member of my firm, TAO. How long
for more than two years..i think your english is very good,wish you take a good result in the ielts exam .and if there is anyting i could help,, .or when you want to come out to play  ,you could contact QQ is 109965045.
sussieliu 2011-1-1 10:48
gys44: with the comments as following, it seems that we live nearly~~~ahah~~I am at jinsong district as well~~~
wow~great to hear that!happy new year~
庄航程 2010-12-30 18:09
gys44: never mind, u r welcome~~and which firm do you work at~~~~~I am at guomao now~
庄航程 2010-12-30 09:31
sorry,i forgetted you is an architect...i am in Wangjing .
庄航程 2010-12-30 09:27
gys44: hi, dude~where are you working now????
sussieliu 2010-12-24 21:30
gys44: yep, so what is your prospective shool? in US or UK?
canada, NZ, or netherlands maybe, i'll be in US for half a year in 2011
sussieliu 2010-12-22 22:21
gys44: cause I found you post a relative topic about PEI, as we know, he is a spokesman of disigner~~
heh ~i'm a student studying ornamental horticuture and landscape. r u a architect?
sussieliu 2010-12-22 22:03
gys44: hey,sussie, are you a designer?
lol~why do you guess so?
双子 2010-12-15 16:54
gys44: this is interesting, since your horosope is cancer, how come you choose your name as gemini?
, hehe , it is nothing to do with my horoscope. when the first time i have seen the twelve avatars of the horoscope, that two boys impressed me the most. so......
双子 2010-12-15 16:31
gys44: this is interesting, since your horosope is cancer, how come you choose your name as gemini?
, hehe, it is nothing to do with my horoscope. When the first time I have seen the twelve avatars of horoscope, the tow cute boys impress me the most. So......
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