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Today I am less busy than before,as if it is a little bit hard for me to enjoy the kind of situation.So I was trying to looking for something meaningful to do so that my following work can be pretty well prepared and listed.At the key point, one thing crushed my mind,oh, Yes,why not squeezing a second to complete and beautify one of your medical business websites,which was registered months ago for free.It seems I never get a chance to finish it, absolutely not, the truth is that I am lazy enough. To be honest,no visit for months,but the password still can be remembered crystal clear.Unfortunately,after my entering into the website by clicking the sign-in button and filling my ID by memory,there is no any reflection on that page.I began to feel confused and anxious.Are you sure you ever registered your ID by this Email?I can’t confirm any more. All my Emails were dancing in my head and I attempted to figure them out.What a troublesome thing. I have to open my several mail boxes one by one to see which email address I ever registered.To avoid aimless hunting,I choose to register a new ID my another mail.Seconds later,I successfully got a ID,but before approval,I have to open registered email to activate my account by clicking a link website offered.Anyway,the ID is finally valid and workable now. Unconsciously,I checked inbox.It is too little so that I can see what each of mail is about.Only 10mails here,the mail titled MISSING YOU attracted my eyesight. 

 It was written on 6th July,2010,by one of my best friends who named Y. In a flash ,a moving,a kind of warmness is flowing over my body and heart.At such a common day,what touch me most is exactly not the content what we wrote in the past ,but what time leaves both of us,the cherished memory and time-kept gift. I have to confess many things are eager to be expressed somehow,but right now,I don’t want to let myself sink in deep meditation. If I have to express by one word,the only word, I want to say CHERISH. With time goes by,when I look back upon,and look the guys around me,what I should and have to say is CHERISH. May you all be happy and healthy.

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Reply Sandy003 2014-5-19 13:05
Cherish yourself, cherish your family, cherish your friends, cherish your colleagues, cherish your loved...

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