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Shares midnight in paris: what a treat. spoiler alert
2011-11-9 17:46
I’ve always been an avid fan of woody allen since the famous classic Annie hall. It’s about the subtle, sharp and insightful observations of everyday life and those witty, smart, humorous lines that draw me in like crazy. I recall even in how I met your mother, ted used to see annie ...
Individual Classification: movie review|1018 views|13 replies
Shares survival of the fittest?
2011-11-3 00:01
Extreme situations will put people in a position that we never thought we could ever imagine or encounter and also help us find the inner true self under these circumstances. Spending all day frantically watching Survivor, I must say this is by far the most revolutionary reality show I ...
Individual Classification: travelogue|850 views|18 replies
Shares landslide
2011-7-26 23:03
Just watched the newest episode of South Park, which gaVe me a good laugh and a hell of a cry. It basically satired the modern society and citizens' mentality. When you reach a certain phase of your lfe, you begin to see everything and everyone around as shitty and crappy. And they ...
Individual Classification: random thoughts|770 views|2 replies
Shares Scattered, smashed, at loss for words
2011-7-21 23:15
It’s been a few monthssince I left my so-called fairly decent job on a whim when I woke up that morning and simply packed my bag and decided to travel around southern China, since I’ve dreamed to be on the road and see the world like forever. Originally, I told myself that I should ...
Individual Classification: travelogue|640 views|8 replies
Shares tips on dating and opinions on marriage
2011-4-23 17:08
PSS: In sharp contrast, this was a much more elegant, sincere, beautiful attempt: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A weird and funny thi ...
Individual Classification: daily bits&pieces|952 views|16 replies
Shares 2011.04.05
2011-4-4 23:05
It's been quitea while since I wrote an English blog last time. the past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me. at first, my best friends from high school came over to Beijing for some meeting, so we've got our precious chance to get together and have fun. ...
Individual Classification: daily bits&pieces|517 views|9 replies
Shares Systematic difference
2011-2-22 23:58
Back on campus,me and my roommatesoften debated about the systematic difference between western andeastern cultures. However, it was stripped straight from the theories we were taught and stories we heard of. Now that we are out of college and step into society, it’s not just ...
Individual Classification: daily bits&pieces|451 views|8 replies
Shares resume review
2011-2-11 21:56
The institution is expanding its scale and demands more employees. Naturally, the priority for the moment is to review received resumes and select eligible candidates. During the process, I’ve found some common problems in resume design and content organization. Here are some sharedfeatu ...
Individual Classification: daily bits&pieces|503 views|8 replies
Shares really random...
2011-2-9 21:34
Life is an utter mystery and every individual is a myth. Sometimes even we ourselves cannot fully understand our own personalities, our motives behind every random decision and our reasons for every whimsy idea. At times, the uncontrollable urges just rush through our veins al ...
Individual Classification: random thoughts|456 views|8 replies
Shares the best festival song for me
2011-2-1 14:32
So this is Spring Festival And what haveI done Another year over And a new one just begun And so this isSpring Festival I hope you have fun The near and the dear ones The old and the young agreat Spring Festival And a happy new year Let's hope it's a good one ...
Individual Classification: quotes and cites|348 views|2 replies

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