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August 2022

94 views. 2022-8-4 10:08

The computer outlives its usefulness.
I wave the pal farewell with sadness.
Wife bought this when she was alive.
If only she had succeeded to survive.
I'm happy it's sunny and windy.
Pumpkin pieces can dry quickly.
I hope such time may long last.
But any instant it'll be overcast.
Today I put up the mosquito net.
The pests may do no harm,I bet.
We can not fall asleep without it.
I invited our friend from cabinet.
It‘s my turn on night duty at school.
This time I do not believe I’m a fool.
I carried sheet and curtain of gauze.
Stinging of mosquitoes could pause.
Such pests and heat might annoy.
Many other things we could enjoy.
Different vegetables are produced.
A lot of chores have been reduced.
This was a cool starry autumn night.
So numerous eyes at a great height 
Could be seen twinkling with delight.
It was undoubtedly a beautiful sight.
An almost full moon turned bright.
The sky looked so clean this night.
Stars now nearly kept out of sight.
The world was bathed in soft light.
Cabbages need a soaking rain.
But unluckily they wait in vain.
So I must water them at dusk,
Which is really an urgent task.
Weather for collecting fuels is fine.
This opportunity I couldn't decline.
Sharpening the blade of my sickle, 
So I headed for the nearby jungle.
People suffer drought or flood.
Their situation gets very hard.
That may be the wages of sin,
Similar penalty of early origin.
My cabbages grow very well.
I never buy what others sell.
Neighbor envies my success.
Pleasure is hard to suppress.
I never go to dining hall any more.
Prices here are higher than before.
I may bring my lunch to the office.
Soon I can get accustomed to this.
We weren't to start work today.
I informed sister without delay.
She is glad to take a good rest.
She tends mom with little zest.

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