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Shares 21 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-21 10:43
He ran away from forced marriage, For years without sending message. His mother showed her deep regret. Her tears always got her sleeve wet.
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Shares 20 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-20 12:16
It occurs to me to learn singing As keeping reading and writing. This is an absolutely good idea. It won't satisfy me only to hear.
30 views|0 replies
Shares 19 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-19 16:06
A Trio The song's words are quite simple, But touchatender chord in people. No high pitch and melody's gentle, Which makes me feel comfortable.
40 views|0 replies
Shares 18 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-18 11:59
I discovered the leaking spot at last Under the roof when shower passed. Several times I had mended in vain; I failed realizing that until after rain.
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Shares 17 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-17 12:33
The autumn wind brings a chill, And soon it may escalate to kill. All green trees covering the hill Cannot continue to grow at will, And turn leafless and quite still.
40 views|0 replies
Shares 16 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-16 11:38
500 Miles I’m fascinated by this song And listen to it all day long. My nostalgia tends to grow Like the endless water flow.
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Shares 15 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-15 11:50
Comedies are offered to entertain. Tragedies display all sorts of pain. The former give us great pleasure; The latter teach people to treasure.
47 views|1 replies Hot 1
Shares 14 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-14 11:31
The sun has risen in eastern sky; But thin mist still loiters nearby. The air is rather moist and cool; An old man is fishing at the pool.
50 views|0 replies
Shares 13 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-13 11:25
Many of us have long been English learners; But few can say perfectly as native speakers. Though in the language some may be fluent, They might pronounce with a Chinese accent.
63 views|0 replies
Shares 12 September 2020
Sumingyu 2020-9-12 14:32
Suppose it had not continuously rained, I could have washed the towels stained. Now it's sunny and then a bit overcast; The depressing wet weather has passed.
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