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Shares 20 September
Sumingyu 2023-9-20 11:22
Cabbage hearts continue to grow Day by day at a speed quite slow. I want them to be hard and tight; No more as loose as now in sight. 21 September It's improper to inhabit there. The dampness I cannot bear. I'm really used to living here. Conditions are nice and dear. 22 September The farm ...
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Shares 15 September
Sumingyu 2023-9-15 10:29
dIn night transparent atmosphere Stars looked numerous and near. This wonderful sight may appear Only at present and around here. 18 September The ripe fruit had fallen to ground Just under the trees when I found. Obviously some looked very good. I picked them up as precious food. 19 Septemb ...
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Shares 12 September
Sumingyu 2023-9-12 09:21
Watering cabbages is now suspended. They have been always well attended. The soil under thick leaves is still wet. Here anyhow sunbeams can't be met. 13 September Suddenly I felt a little cold at night, And killed mosquitoes around light. Writing makes me happy and calm. Calligraphy holds a p ...
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Shares 7 September
Sumingyu 2023-9-7 08:44
The maize here is a different sort. The ears are big and stems short. But when the stalks are quite tall, They waste nutrients and will fall. 8 September It's a joyful season of the year. Neither hot nor cold right here. Happy hours are always short, Which cannot last at any spot. 11 Septemb ...
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Shares 4 September
Sumingyu 2023-9-4 12:43
I can't water cabbages in haste. Or much water will go to waste. First I'm to soften the hard soil. A bumper crop is worth my toil. 5 September At the fall ancients would feel sad. Their poems show mood very bad. I think autumn is a fruitful season. Each person benefits from heaven. 6 Septem ...
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Shares 31 August
Sumingyu 2023-8-31 11:56
The wild plants have turned high. Then I may collect them hard by And wait for the stalks to get dry. Hope company of a cloudless sky. 1 September I inspect daily my vegetable plot And clear radishes starting to rot. Cabbages could take the disease. Every day I can't be well at ease. 2 Septe ...
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Shares 28 August
Sumingyu 2023-8-28 09:43
This course on ancient prose Is really satisfying I suppose. I had ever learnt in the past. Their influence remains vast. 29 August An autumn rain comes at last. Period of drought has passed. Now nights get long and cool. I dip my brush in an ink pool. 30 August I seem to be fined ove ...
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Shares 23 August
Sumingyu 2023-8-23 10:42
The sky is very blue and clean. Only white clouds can be seen. Accompanied by a soft breeze, I cycle past these green trees. 24 August Rain and heat begin to recede. Of them cabbages are in need. Now that weather has got dry, Anyhow I won't only stand by. 25 August We won't make steamed bre ...
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Shares 18 August
Sumingyu 2023-8-18 12:37
Many teachers gather at the hall Hearing lectures not funny at all. Today we'll get home a little late. Each person must patiently wait. 20 August When both of them are absent, In any way I would be present. The crisis could arrive one day. I must ask for leave in dismay. 22 August I ...
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Shares 9 August
Sumingyu 2023-8-9 19:05
Now crops could enjoy sunlight. This had long been out of sight. Pests come in the weather wet. Then I have to sleep under net. 16 August So many worms out of sight Sing tirelessly day and night. But this gives me no delight. Sky here gains great height. 17 August The station had been pulle ...
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