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Shares July 2022
Sumingyu 2022-7-4 10:09
1 July They said they withdrew for good will. Actually they fear Ukrainians may kill. They take the world they could cheat And Ukraine they might easily defeat. 2 July To keep fighting is a great victory. Russia can't conquer this country. Aggression can come to no good As a danger of the ne ...
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Shares Lockdown days
Sumingyu 2022-6-15 10:51
6 March Now aggressors are superior in the sky. Ukrainians only stay on ground to defy. NATO rejects declaring a zone of no fly. Even it agreed,enemy wouldn't comply. 7 March A state of emergency has been declared. That makes all townspeople very scared. Local government enforces the blockade ...
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Shares June 2022
Sumingyu 2022-6-4 10:54
1 June Several meters away I saw mother fall. Back of her head knocked against wall. This occurred quite suddenly to appall. And her hit spot grew swollen and tall. 2 June I went to fetch the gift for the festival. It caused me great agony and trouble. Returning with g ...
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Shares May 2022
Sumingyu 2022-6-1 13:55
30 May We cannot just transplant there. We’d better take ceaseless care. We must not only have a desire. But act, or we’ll fall into despair. 31 May Something can have a better use. We might misuse with an excuse. And we tend to have deep regret, Also a ...
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Shares 6 March 2022
Sumingyu 2022-3-5 11:47
Citizens of Russia and Ukraine are innocent; They cannot tolerate the czar so belligerent. The young men laid down their lives in vain. The current war causes refugees great pain.
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Shares 5 March 2022
Sumingyu 2022-3-4 09:57
Aggression has lasted eight days long. Ukrainian opposition proves so strong. Even aggressors may seize their land, Guerrilla attacks could not be banned.
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Shares 4 March 2022
Sumingyu 2022-3-3 09:54
He believes that invasion well justified. It has drawn condemnation worldwide. This czar casts international law aside. For his crime he would be finally tried.
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Shares 3 March 2022
Sumingyu 2022-3-2 08:22
For enemy of his enemy is his friend, He decides to support him to defend. On EU countries Ukraine can depend. Aggressors won't succeed in the end.
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Shares 2 March 2022
Sumingyu 2022-3-1 10:18
Cornered by sanctions,he gets desperate, Saying with nuclear weapons to retaliate. These brave Ukrainians continue to fight. They're not to surrender or take to flight.
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Shares 1 March 2022
Sumingyu 2022-2-28 13:18
He tries to conquer Ukraine by force. His nation would suffer a heavy loss. Quickly he could feel full of remorse. We are likely to see it in due course.
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