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Shares 5 July 2020
Sumingyu 2020-7-5 11:26
Unfaithful heroines in classics are usually sympathized. Such unethical behavior should be severely criticized. Young people must keep away from these books Lest they might be degraded into similar crooks.
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Shares 4 July 2020
Sumingyu 2020-7-4 10:22
When young,he travelled with amusement; When aged,he migrated for embarrassment. Had it not been for his hardship and descent, There would not have been his achievement.
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Shares 3 July 2020
Sumingyu 2020-7-3 09:26
Overhead the sun was dazzlingly hot. Large clouds drifted over to our spot. The suffocating heat was gone at once. To the heavens I gave a grateful glance.
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Shares 2 July 2020
Sumingyu 2020-7-2 12:03
What a large field of potatoes Not far from our bungalows! I’ll glean there after harvest As winter use to avoid waste.
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Shares 1 July 2020
Sumingyu 2020-7-1 12:19
Instead of watching TV at night, I began reading by the lamplight. I must finish the left unread few Ere going to purchase some new.
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Shares 30 June 2020
Sumingyu 2020-6-30 15:16
At the book donating ceremony tomorrow, Our principal will make a speech, I know. He assigned me to write one for him; Innocently to the activity I fall victim.
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Shares 29 June 2020
Sumingyu 2020-6-29 12:28
In his young age, he was a lady⁃killer; But his wife divorced him years later. She knew that he screwed his lover, Which might justify her as adulterer. After remarriage she still missed him When his conditions tended to get grim.
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Shares 28 June 2020
Sumingyu 2020-6-28 10:18
Everyone thinks the south a good place But ignores problems under the surface. Its picturesque spring scene is fascinating; But its summer flood is more threatening.
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Shares 27 June 2020
Sumingyu 2020-6-27 12:02
About his real name no one knows. He just called himself Mr Five Willows For the number of trees at his bungalows. Taciturn without yearning for wealth and honor, He often failed to enjoy drinking as a pauper. Bookworm content with superficial understanding, He entertained and expressed himsel ...
38 views|0 replies
Shares 26 June 2020
Sumingyu 2020-6-26 09:16
Seeing the fertile land overgrown with grass, How could I avoid uttering a sigh as I pass? The cunning farmers have deserted their fields Going to town earning better clothes and meals.
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