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Shares 2 Ju
Sumingyu 2023-6-2 12:41
Night rain gave me glad surprise. And luckily God opened his eyes. No shower forecast in the report. At least I needn't water this plot.
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Shares 29 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-29 10:29
Our green beans grow very fast. Today widely different from last. Frames are put up for the vines Along the parallel planting lines. 30 May Each day I silently come and go, Without greeting anyone I know. I always stay alone in this room, At times disturbed by the boom. 31 May When one's tu ...
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Shares 24 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-24 12:44
Orchids in bloom could be found, And guarded by bayonets round. By their leaves extremely sound Rice-puddings are fixedly bound. 25 May Phone's face hit against ground. The damage made me astound. Those cracks left in this screen Can remind of the awful scene. 26 May So wild wind in summer ...
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Shares 19 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-19 12:04
For dear seedlings at backyard, I softened the crust quite hard. The ants there I couldn't abide, Soon spraying a little pesticide. 22 May Seedlings after a muddy rain Were left with a coat of stain. I sprayed a little water clean To restore their leaves green. 23 May We're required to stud ...
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Shares 16 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-16 11:17
Forecast rain failed to come. Gathered clouds above farm Gave the traveller the alarm. So he hurried to avoid harm. 17 May Shower came down at nightfall. Thunder roared and shook wall. It pleased thirsty young onions, Welcomed by the local civilians. 18 May The Biden administration is hosti ...
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Shares 11 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-11 13:02
Tender sprouts began to appear And quite sooner than last year. A plastic covered tiny seed bed, Warm damp just as small shed. 12 May This matron has a voice loud Enough to stop drifting cloud. As a route sweeper in brown, She works north of the town. 15 May This was quite a busy weekend. ...
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Shares 8 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-8 13:06
They leave the young behind. On return parent cannot find, For it's been seized as game. Then whom we are to blame? 9 May Two unretired died some room. Now the third awaits his doom. Wang has been dangerously ill. And this bad news casts a chill. 10 May A quilt was sent from homeland. Age ...
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Shares 4 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-4 10:22
Seduced and deserted pure Tess. The country lass got into a mess. Beauty and honesty could cause; Or design to claim kin with lords. 5 May It should have broken so soon When I was digging afternoon. Then trunk of that young tree Can substitute and satisfy me. 6 May I visit flat between rus ...
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Shares 27 April
Sumingyu 2023-4-27 12:37
I hope to die without pain. That I'm confident to gain. To be helpful,not only say. Do something not for pay. 28 April Shower ended as I was to start. This quite brightened my heart. Now I need a pair of rainshoes That on wet day I may choose. 2 May Permissible for sowing yesterday. And I ...
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Shares 24 April
Sumingyu 2023-4-24 10:53
I found the back tire flat. So depressed about that. Only pierced by a staple. But makes great trouble. 25 April This police was brave enough, But killed by a criminal tough. Empty-handed, risked his life Against that guy with a knife. 26 April Injections make him alive. Last hour soon can ...
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