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Shares 9 April 2020
2020-4-9 10:53
I can ' t meet another woman in life With a kind heart as late wife. Why take a selfish one to destroy The enviable peace that I can enjoy? Why not live with the least trouble, Look after old mother and keep single?
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Shares 8 April 2020
2020-4-8 11:59
The pupils continue to idle along, And no one can right the wrong. They are confined at home all day. How can their parents dispel their dismay?
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Shares 7 April 2020
2020-4-7 10:35
Spring is here but still feels cold. Winter is unwilling to loosen its hold. I can ' t take off my winter wear. However the young are so bold As to change clothes and don’t care. *********************** I suffered from a bad toothache, Which all ...
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Shares 6 April 2020
2020-4-6 10:43
We mustn’t commit suicide. How can our parents abide Our loss and put their sadness aside? We are not alone. How can we disown Our family members with a heart of stone?
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Shares 5 April 2020
2020-4-5 11:52
On the national day of mourning past A gloom over the country the martyrs cast. We saw the flags flying at half - mast; In silent tribute stand state leaders we trust. We heard the blare of sirens last. To invincibility of our nation we remain steadfast ...
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Shares 4 April 2020
2020-4-4 10:25
Beneath the sky overcast The wind raised a mist of dust. It whistled round our bungalow, And suddenly came down flakes of snow. The high wind from the west Abated at dusk for a good rest. During this windy and dry season, A disastrous fire may easi ...
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Shares 3 April 2020
2020-4-3 11:31
Many children are devoid of all gratitude. How can we take an indulgent attitude? Parents shouldn’t emphasize schooling only, above All, waken their kids ' love with love . Scenes of children returning love are rare. On such occasions, I would ...
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Shares 2 April 2020
2020-4-2 11:48
It’s a fine day. I ' ve washed the quilts ' covers without delay, Which will easily dry With the sun shining in the sky.
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Shares 1 April 2020
2020-4-1 12:09
I have a great sorrow For losing our beloved bungalow, Because it ' ll be torn down before long; Then I can never chant any pastoral song.
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Shares 31 March 2020
2020-3-31 10:40
Thanks to the school closure, I have much leisure To collect fuels I treasure Before they ' re gone at my pleasure.
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