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  • I am too busy to write blogs here.It is always rainy recently,so it is a little cold you can't find it's spring now.I make fast progress in learning to play the piano.I believe myself I can do better Reply
  • The children have less and less time for sleeping.They cann't listen to music or whach TV or do something they like,they have to study harder and harder.What a pity!What I can do is to comfort them. Reply
  • The most exam in junior school is coming. All the teachers and students are busy getting ready for it. I feel very tired every day and so do the students.They have lots of homework to do all day.Oh,no Reply
  • Today is sunny .Though it is spring here, it is a bit cold. When I listen to the song<擦肩而过> which is sung by Han Hong, I always think of someone. I cann't stop crying. Nobody knows why. Reply
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Jiuzhaigou 2011-07-19
I just came back from Jiuzhaigou last Saturday night.It is very beautiful,amazing!The water is quite clean and clear.The forests are thick and green. ...
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Listen to the flowers 2011-04-09
I went to Wuhan for a visit last weekend.I enjoyed the Japanese flowering cherry in Wuhan University.I walked along the Cherry Avenue in the school y ...
(1039) Views|(5) Replies
feeling 2011-03-28
I am too busy to write anything in my blog these days.I haven't read the information in it for a few days.The weather is changeable, I caught a cold ...
(1045) Views|(2) Replies
diary 2011-03-10
I am having piano classes now. Wow, it is really difficult, sometimes I always make mistakes, I feel very nervous facing my piano teacher. But it doe ...
(1052) Views|(2) Replies

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bigcat 2011-7-25 22:18
Lity 2011-5-12 09:20
reik 2011-5-11 14:53
Maria252: Good day.
thanks! sorry for lated reply.
teadrinking 2011-4-3 08:56
C.Robert 2011-3-31 05:38
Maria252: Good day.
Good day!
sedgehead 2011-3-27 07:55
Welcome to the Dioenglish Party!
teadrinking 2011-3-21 20:40
Maria252: Wish you happiness forever!
Thank you, the same to you
七月未央 2011-3-10 08:07
GXYeats 2011-3-9 23:05
sddzzqq 2011-3-8 21:59
Maria252: Nice to meet you!
sddzzqq 2011-3-7 11:12
Welcome new girl!
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