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  • There are five ages of professors:tireless, tiring, tiresome, tired, and retired. Reply
  • Tomorrow's exam is a tough battle for me! I hope that I can win it once and for all. Wish me good luck, my friend! Reply
  • The conlusion: I, as well as my thinking mode, am enslaved by this powerful machine. What about you, my friend? Reply
  • Not only is putting down my ideas difficult, but also the draft is hardly intelligible with too much crossing out of wrong or redundant words. When I shifted back to computer, I felt more than good. Reply
  • I often write on computers and somewhat satisfied that the words look clean and neat. Recently I try to put down my ideas with a pen. Guess what I found. Reply
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Soar 2012-9-29 09:56
Happy Mid-autumn Day!
如主文 2012-9-14 08:28
louislaolu: I have the same feeling. Well, I havn't written English for ages. When I came back, I found many changes. The most noticeable one is that you grow sma
Thanks. but you should write something, or else you'll waste your talent
如主文 2012-9-13 20:13
long time no see, my friend..
raicy 2012-1-29 08:07
I like your photo : )
louislaolu 2012-1-22 16:05
Happy Long Year! Happy Dragon Year to every friend! May every dream of yours come true!
liudan89 2011-12-24 15:02
snowflying 2011-12-20 08:24
so wonderful reply, return me,ahaaa
snowflying 2011-12-18 22:17
how are you?teacher
Soar 2011-12-18 15:08
I hope you can write more articles if you have time .
louislaolu 2011-12-9 21:14
Thanks a lot. The same to you!
heai88 2011-12-7 18:21
Long time no see your updated blog yet.
bigcat 2011-11-5 09:46
snowflying 2011-11-3 21:33
louislaolu: To use the slogan of HTC, they are "quietly brilliant". I like things that way.
oh, i see. maybe your temper like so so ..
snowflying 2011-11-3 21:18
nice to meet you, your avatar so special, rose together book.
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