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Shares Weather Equipment
2013-10-22 13:29
Meteorologists are people who study the weather . they tell us if it will be hot or cold . they tell us if it will be sunny or rainy . they have lots of equipment to help them . The most common piece of equipment is the thermometer . a thermometer measures . the temperature of the air . by looking a ...
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Shares Staying Healthy
2013-10-22 10:25
A person's body is like a machine . it has many parts that help keep it running . if these parts are running well , a person will be healthy . but sometimes a person's body breaks down . then that person get sick . many times , germs make a person sick. when germs attack a body , it needs to fight b ...
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Shares Fishing and overfishing
2013-10-21 20:09
The ocean has many different habitats for many plants and animals . it helps the earth stay healthy . so we have to be careful not to hurt the ocean .many people around the world enjoy eating seafood . fisherman catch food in the ocean for us to eat . this includes shellfish as well as fish . shellf ...
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Shares What is a food chain?
2013-10-21 20:01
All animals must eat to survive . some eat plants . some eat animals and others eat both plants and animals . a food chain shows the relationship of each animal to the others .at the bottom of a food chain are the plant eaters . they are often prey animals . they are usually small animals like squir ...
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Shares Tropisms
2013-10-20 22:06
People know that animals often adapt to their environment . this is called evolution . it can take place over a very long time . and it can change animals very much . plants can also adapt . their adaptions are called tropisms . A tropisms can be light , moisture, or gravity . tropisms are involunta ...
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Shares Warm-Blooded vs. Cold-Blooded Animals
2013-10-20 09:18
All animals are either warm blooded or cold blooded . this refers to how the animals maintain their body temperature .warm -blooded animals can regulate their body temperature . so , even if it is very cold outside , their bodies will stay warm . but warm -blooded animals have to eat a lot of food . ...
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Shares Places to live
2013-10-14 13:05
An animal's habitat is very important . it has everything an animal needs to survive . most animals can't live in other habitats . fish live in the water . they can't survive in the desert .deer live in the forest . they can't survive in the jungle . What makes a habitat unique ?there are many thing ...
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Shares Roots,Stems,and Leaves
2013-10-14 12:58
Plants are made up of many parts . three of the most important are their roots ,stems, and leaves . all three of them have various functions . the roots are found at the bottom of the plant . roots grow underground . they help anchor the plant to ground . this keeps the plant from being washed away ...
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Shares How plants grow
2013-10-14 12:43
Let's grow some plants in a garden . first, we need some seeds . we have to plant the seeds in the soil , and then we should give them water . after a few or weeks , the plants will start growing above the ground . first, they will be tiny , but they will become taller every day . Now , the plants n ...
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Shares Globalization
2013-10-14 11:18
IntheyearsafterWorldWarTwo,theworldgreatlychanged.Muchofthiswasduetonewtechnology.Forinstance,thejetwasdeveloped.Thisincrea ...
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