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Shares Faded Away on the Way to New Life
2019-6-16 12:32
Faded Away on the Way to New Life
As soon as I opened the door, I caught an unusuallook on my wife's face, who was lying on the couch as usual. The only difference was that she hasn't hold phonein her hands. She did nothing except lying there with a helpless expression. It was something like puzzlement ...
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Shares Jingding Bridge of Shichahai in the Chilling Winter
2019-2-13 10:07
Jingding Bridge of Shichahai in the Chilling Winter
As early as more than ten years ago, I stepped on the land of the most promising city, Beijing, in the northern China. Shichahai has been the most approachable and comfortablescenic spot. It is very near to the central axis of from Drum Tower to Qianmen, and also free to tourists. However, al ...
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Shares Which is More Important-Process or Result?
2019-1-28 10:47
Over past six months, I was reminded again and again that result should be attached more attention than process. In other words, you only need to care what you get rather than how you go through. Maybe it is a cost-effective way in the management, with an overwhelming and domin ...
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Shares A Strange Woman in Metro Station
2018-12-16 18:11
I peeped at the darkness outside, and noticed it was only 19:00. Most of my colleagues were concentrating on work, and none of them showed any sign to leave. Somehow, an inexpressible restlessness instantly seized me and drove off my enthusiasm to finish the last touch on ...
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Shares Winter Day
2018-12-9 10:44
Winter Day
When wiring already became a part of life and a sort of bread-winner, I also felt it could be used as a valve to release the overwhelming pressure in life. Those agony, worries and griefunconsciouslyseemed to varnish into thin air as I typing something. At present, I am turning the valv ...
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Shares How to Concentrate?
2018-6-22 14:36
I ever shruggedoff the viewpoint that one would not learn well after the prime time, and firmly believed that I could do a better job so long as I persisted in doing something with sufficient patience. However, it is growing into a truth when I slipped into middle aged days--too m ...
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Shares Care or Hurt?
2017-10-15 15:45
Care or Hurt?
The clock were striking six-forty, I scrubbed my sleepy eyes, sit up, dressed, washed and dashed out within ten minutes. A swirl of chilling gust instantly seized me, and forced me to quicken my steps for gaining more warmth. In the courtyard, the desolate scene penetrated every ...
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Shares How to settle down two furious persons?
2017-10-13 12:57
How to settle down two furious persons?
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Shares 斯巴达克斯中的经典台词
2013-11-23 07:51
We stand in the shadow of great might. As their republic cast across the lives of everyman, every woman, and every child, condemned to the darkness of slavery. Fo ...
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