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The Plan for further education abroad

Hot 41252 views. 2015-11-4 09:48 | education, further

 I got a dream years ago,I am gone make it true in several months.

When i was a little kid,I really admire the life that study abroad,
They meet diffeent peoples and enjoy colorful curtural,much delicious food...

I was borned from a normal family,It seems it was impossible for to go abroad for further education.
I decided to work after i graduated from my bachelor,one year and several months gone,I already save some money,i think it is enough
and i know i am kinda fit live in the foreign country.I am gone quit my current job in several months and join a university. 

So what i concern are as below.Anybody knows the detail,would you please show me some guidance.

1.I wanna go to a country that its native lanuage is not English,Spanish will be best.I eager to learn a another lanuage,even my English is not good enough.I think time helps.After i go abroad,i will try best to improve both of them.
And i hope i could change my major,Economic couldb be my first choice.SE was my major for my bachelor.
i donot like this field.Actually i am not good at programming,and working in IT field is not funny.
---Spanish is the best,But seems my condition does not meet the requirement.

2.As far as i know.Russia is the available for me,And it is easier to apply.
After one year learning for Russian language,we could apply colleague if passed the exam.
And the fee could be acceptable.It seems up till now i already earn enough money.

But the problem is i could not change the major,It kinda upsets me.And Russia is too cold,it is not good for living.

Actually China is become more and more powerful,and there will be more countries trade with china,So i think minority language will be more popular in the future,that is also my interests in learning another language.

I am clear with risk,opportunity and hard life in abroad
Whatever,I am still a young guy,I wanna follow my heart and make my dream true.

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Reply Persistance 2015-11-4 10:06
Thumbs up. Keep on going!
Reply sunnyv 2015-11-4 13:03
Nice to note that you are a person of vision, organized, sensible and reasonably adventurous. You know very well that you won't have a bright future if you blindly follow the big local crowd. Learning a language apart from English is a good idea and there would be future opportunities.  To start with, you know how to save up money for your future and that is also what I did when I first started out. Those savings are the first step, no matter how big or small is worthwhile. Furthermore, you have traveled to other countries and you know more or less what it is like to live in other countries. If you can survive Iran, you can survive anywhere.

Your interest in Spanish is fine. Spanish countries are not in the mainstream education choices, so you it would a bit of challenge for you to proceed and get the needed information. However, there are certain good advantages in your choice of a Spanish speaking country for academic advancement. Those countries have easier entry standards, visa requirements are not strict, affordable fees and living expenses. You may even get income from part time work to support yourself. You would have to do a lot of preparation and research. Perhaps you may consider the Dominican Republic where English is the official language but Spanish is widely spoken. I know a Chinese student from Beijing Foreign Studies University who studied there and returned to China, got a good job at an international hotel in Beijing, emigrated and is now living in a foreign country.

IT jobs are not that stable and subject to constant changes requiring upgrading of knowledge. Furthermore, IT is quite a boring and uncertain occupation. It is fine for those who have a deep interest in this field. Your desire to study economics is good because there are good prospects for Economic graduates.

Well, as said, studying in a a Spanish speaking foreign country is not mainstream, so it would be be difficult to provide you with detailed advice here. Surely, you can try and find the required information in your place.

The main Spanish speaking countries are:
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Reply possible 2015-11-4 19:35
sunnyv: Nice to note that you are a person of vision, organized, sensible and reasonably adventurous. You know very well that you won't have a bright future i ...

you always warn-hearted and share your idea with my plan.
Thanks in advanced.

As far as i know,spainsh is the most widely spoken,And it is kinda easy to learn(i downloaded some training video and tried to learn).
The Pronunciation is familiar  to chinese PinYin.It make the study easy,That is the reason why i wanna go to speaking spanish country.

I search the country based on your list,they are perfect,And do you have some friends working/leaning there?i need the detil is far not enough by the internet information,

Actually Russia is good too,I talked with a chinese teacher in Russia,The requirement and fee are ok for me.if i could not find better choice,I will go there.
Reply sunnyv 2015-11-4 20:36
Hi Possible. Yes, you are right, Spanish is quite easy to learn. Finding the information you need is quite a tedious process, so you would have to find it through different sources. I don't know much people in those countries.

There are quite a lot of students who come from Venezuela studying in China. See if can contact any student through this organization:
It is for students living in Venezuela, so I am not sure if it is of any use to you.

If it is too difficult for you to go to those Spanish speaking countries, then Russia is a good choice too. There are lots of Chinese students studying there and it is affordable for you. Sorry that I could not provide more information than this. Good luck my friend.
Reply IMNONARCISSUS 2015-11-5 17:21
Possible, your story reminded me a fellow I know. He just graduated from a junior school, but he could teach himself Russian successfully. He has done his bussiness in Ukraine for years. It's really amazing
Reply JoeyZhang 2015-11-17 14:44
What about Spain? I don't know much, but have a friend studied here for several years. Maybe you have some questions i can pass for you.
Reply possible 2015-11-18 20:55
JoeyZhang: What about Spain? I don't know much, but have a friend studied here for several years. Maybe you have some questions i can pass for you.

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