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Shares summer cool winds
2019-6-3 17:06
Just take this moment to write down the things for which I can make them clear. Time is so precious, if not, I won't be here. I will never stop untill I made it.
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Shares Be back to be myself
2019-5-2 21:09
At last, my talent is coming back, I will perform well than I was.
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Shares Where am I standing now?
2019-5-2 20:32
Years are gone without fruitfullness, friends went as well, expeirencing the life, I grow mature than before, not long before now, I will attain my aim as I have planed and see it will come ture.
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Shares I am more of nearing death
2019-4-12 15:51
Time never lies, while it is so hard to wait. We have fun and feel not enough, we suffer hard times and feel so fragile. No one has right to disturb others life, I need some distractiom, and I saw the day I die. As you can see, I am standing in the point of a half life of a man, we ask less while se ...
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Shares You are never leaving
2019-2-7 20:16
You are a star high above the sky while I can not touch you. I never thought I would be like this, I didn't keep my promise and strive for my dream, I am fallen, I am falllen into the unknown darkness. I am afraid at the same time I am happy, I am relieased, and I am enjoy having fun everyday, but ...
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Shares How can I get there
2019-1-1 16:13
The year tow thousand and eighteen has just passed away, we are standing in the same point of time again, who will be the next star in nineteen, and who will make huge success in the following time, is just an answer unknown. We may have too many fantasies, this are the destinations we conquer ...
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Shares I like coffee
2018-11-15 12:57
When time goes hard, for keeping a cool mind, sit down and drinking a cup of coffee make erverything goes round. Friend is just an excuse to make use of and you will never get enough of happiness when you are with your friends.
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Shares My random thoghts
2018-10-2 18:50
I walked down this road for seven years when I made the decision. However, when I looked back of what I had accomplished, it is little. To reach the destination, I still have a long way to go. For one hand, I am preparing and planning. For the other hand, I am worrying and wasting(time). I re ...
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Shares How long does it take to my goal
2018-9-23 17:09
Well, first this is not a sort of blog, precisely, it is my way of thinking. Thus, I kept down, to see what it would be. After knowing this, you can go on to read. I have to say, I have a lot of negative energy, so you should be careful when you are reading. Dream is just dream, you can not take i ...
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Shares Always keep aim in eyes
2018-9-9 19:48
I can hardly understand the reason why I can not make my dream comes true all those years. You can say, yes, I am a loser. But I am never defeated. it has been ten years when the decision was made. I just follow everyday and seldom consider my aim, this time I will take a close look to what the pro ...
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