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Happy Spring Festival! Wish everybody a happy year in 2012!
Well, yesterday was the first workday after the short holiday, I'm sure all had a wonderful and special Spring Festival, expect me maybe, cause I caught a bad cold even got a fever. Yeah, what I should do just drink much water as soon as I can.

This noon, our leader started a nostalgic topic on what was our era like, for example, it was very popular for young people to hang a Walkman on the waist and as walking as listening, which was much worth showing off at that time. Referring to the Walkman, which reminds me a lot.
I've got a beautiful Walkman from my dear grandfather(姥爷) almost twenty years ago, it looks like a small black box with SONY printed on the lower-left corner clearly. In fact, it was a gift,  my uncle brought it from abroad, to my grandfather. What a precious present it was! I liked it very much! It was too rare at that time!  I yearned to get one!

Yeah, I were so luck that had one, my grandfather gave it to me for learning English! It was wonderful, and it indeed a treasure in my eyes, used it carefully and gently in case any harm and damage. The deepest impression is its timbre, so graceful. If you listen to a song, the echo floating around the brain, seems like the singer just beside you, or you are in a live concert right now. How memorable and inconceivable! By the way, it was used to listen to music but English.

Unfortunately,  years later, my grandpa (爷爷) stayed in  hospital, my dad had to take care of him. You know, it's not easy to take care of patient, sometimes man needs music to take a little relax and get rid of loneliness. One day, my father asked to borrow my Walkman for days, because he would accompany grandpa in hospital. But I hesitated to do that, the only reason was the Walkman is expensive. Father made a promise to return it with a good condition.  Then, I were reluctant to make a deal with him finally.
Years after years, many things are changing: more and more beautiful and multi-functional electronic products replaces Walkman, such as map3, mp4. My once treasure loses its brilliant rays also and generally far away from my eyes. It is lying in my drawer peacefully forever. Open the drawer, I can see it the fist sight. Stare at it, what I thought much are two things, one is thanks my grandfather presented it to me to study, the other is much sorry and guilt for my dad that I hesitate to borrow it to him at that hard time. I am sorry for my ignorant, hope that not hurt him.

This year, the second day of Spring Festival, all families were getting together in grandfather's home. The little girl, nearly three-year-old, my brother's daughter no doubt that being the focus, especially for my grandfather and grandmother. My brother often takes out of iphone4 to coax her, cause so many fancy and interesting games in it. She can talk to the phone and play with small black cat, even always burst into loud laugh, so funny and pleasing. Grandfather sit on the sofa watch her happily, and ask:"What's she playing?", "Whom is she talking to?" Although you pass the phone to grandfather, he now can't understand clearly how to operate it, just call sb. reluctantly.

It is what the rapid development world bring us. The new generation touch and live surrounded in the modern electronic products, they are affected as fast as possible, we all not sure if it's positive or negative. While the old generation have no much more vigor on these products, they just hope to have a mouthful good teeth and better body to self-care, it's enough and a biggest wish not to trouble their sons or daughters.
All the best wishes to my dear grandfather and grandmother, wish you healthy, healthy and healthy!

Like playing chess with my dear grandfather, remember our precious time.

2012.1.26  10:43 AM

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Reply snowflying 2012-1-30 20:35
wow, what a peaceful picture, what a relaxed simple quiet harmonious homely scene!! love, really like your name here, love to home ,love to family, love to grandpa and granddaughter, so warm to see this picture.

the old things sometimes let us recall something.Walkman is my love too, i have a few Mp3456 in my home, my bag, my bedside, my drawer,though can't sing well,only a loyal listener, heihei..
Reply love_is_circle 2012-1-31 15:55
snowflying: wow, what a peaceful picture, what a relaxed simple quiet harmonious homely scene!! love, really like your name here, love to home ,love to family, lo
yes, I agree with you, it's a peaceful scene, I enjoy it very much.
Reply bluephoebe 2012-2-20 20:05
Your grandpa is really nice and sweet. I lost mine when I was in colleage.  I still remember when I was a little girl, I loved movies, my grandpa often took me to the cinema at the weekend and almost always fell asleep at the middle of it. Wonder what he would react to ipad or iphone if he still lived today. But he is so interested in all the new stuffs, probably he could play it pretty well
Reply love_is_circle 2012-2-21 07:51
bluephoebe: Your grandpa is really nice and sweet. I lost mine when I was in colleage.  I still remember when I was a little girl, I loved movies, my grandpa ofte
Yes, my grandfather is also fond of new digital products, such as camera, laptop, cell phone, even like driving car, as long as he is young.
Yesterday, I called him and grandmother for a compliment, they were both fine. Wish them a good health and happiness!

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