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Glories and Metals

699 views. 2012-8-13 15:46 |Individual Classification:Life

Which do you like better, glories or metals? Then which is more important to prove your ability?
Long for metals a little more, perhaps metals symbolize the biggest glories and ability in public opinion in China, right? Only metals can obtain mess honor and worship, metals are everything, even they can exchange money and power. Seem that metals beat glories, metals come first.

Players exercise day by day, years after years, they must insist on to win, never can obstacle them to reach their dreams. Metals are the final goal. We're all  attracted by their huge willpower, strength and courage, even nervous than them when they during the matches.

If sb. win, get the metal, he is the hero, or else he is nothing, which is wrong entirely. Whoever can join in matches, he/she is the best, whatever metals, they should be obtain our applause, our respect and our blessing. Metals are important, while glories are more significant as a matter of fact, which is an immaterial strength or faith in heart to give you an impetus to exert and strive for.

Not only the Olympic or some light weight matches, join in and enjoy yourself.

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Reply Dorata 2012-8-13 18:57
people seems think only the metal can prove our nation's power, especially  in china .To some extent ,it is tragedy.
Reply love_is_circle 2012-8-15 14:32
Dorata: people seems think only the metal can prove our nation's power, especially  in china .To some extent ,it is tragedy.
Nice to meet you here.
Yes, I hope people could treat metals correctly, all players should be respected.
Reply Kimi011812 2012-8-17 16:02
I think one's ability comes first!
Reply Dorata 2012-8-19 13:25
Sometimes I think those adults' minds are so ridiculous , but maybe when I grow up ,I will to be like them .一 一!
Reply love_is_circle 2012-8-20 07:53
Kimi011812: I think one's ability comes first!

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