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New Year Wishes

969 views. 2012-1-18 10:32

Seemed haven't updated my blog for a couple of months. Here I would like to extend my sincere apology  to my friends here for forgiving my "lasiness". At the same time, as the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is right at the corner, I wish all of you will clelebrate this big festival with great enjoyment and fun.
In recent days, my whole energy was consumed on friends' appointment, tight work schedual and annual party. By a male friend's introduction, I got aquainted with a man. Currently we became good friends who have a lot to share in different aspects in our life. Each time chatting with him, I felt so relaxed. He was engaged in business sales in Medical line as the sales manager. At our first meeting, I felt he was so caring and gentleman from my intution. It seemed he had experienced a lot. However, we just talked superficially. The other day, before getting started to work, I unintentionally visited his QQ space. I read his whole diaries, which shocked me deeply. All the articles are related to one person with negative tone-his passed wife. Honestly, aftering reading I was very sad and pitful for him. He loved his wife so much, but his wife died at young age with unknown disease. Sometimes I was really afriad of touching his scar, while he said he had already released from this hurt. For me, I have different friends with different backgrounds and situations, I respect their thoughts at the bottom of my heart, which could vary my emotion.
Last Friday, our company held the annual party. I was remmomended as the host again. There were no programmes this time, just evening feast and lottory activity. Unfortunately, I just got the consolation prize with 200RMB cash. Anyway getting together with all the colleagues was so cherished. On Sunday, it was my father's birthday. His friends held a party for him as well. I remembered at the end of the party people smashed each other with birthday cake cream. When I got home, my hair, my clothes were so sticky. But the atmosphere was still resounded surrounding my head.
Here staying in the office, it sounds I couldn't concentrate on my work as colleagues gradually took off to return home. I was lucky without squeezing at the bustling travelling season, but should be tolerant of the loneiness witnessing the less people. SZ is a very typical immigrate city. It's normal the city becomes so peaceful and quite especially on the big festival. Hope I could greatly enjoy the peace with strong warmth in heart.
Happy Spring Festival

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Reply kiki20040423 2012-1-18 11:21
it is a good thing to having a ture male friend.  as a good man, he might be bring some different aspects and guide to a wowen based on his experience and sense.
happy chinese new year~
Reply samscri 2012-1-19 00:55
Does that male friend you recently acquainted have anything to do with that part or your loness?...It seems so to me...
Reply Jessico 2012-1-19 10:01
samscri: Does that male friend you recently acquainted have anything to do with that part or your loness?...It seems so to me...
not really. I am not aquainted with him because of my loniness. I have different friends, just his story made me a little bit special
Reply S_Xlove 2012-1-19 10:25
Happy lunar new year !
I saw your picture as a host ..hehe ...beautiful girl.
I remebered I once got a washing machine on my company annual party ..hehe..the first prize.
Reply puserzhou 2012-2-9 22:28
hello, girl, long time no see, it seems everthing runs well in your spring festival, birthday, new male friend, and consolation prize,well, where are you now,do you have any plan of this year?
Reply love_is_circle 2012-2-23 08:57
This year, I got the third prize finally--- a pan, it's enough.

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