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This morning the whole city was covered with heavey rain and the sky turned so grey, thus the transportation became so hard. As usual it takes me just about 20mis to get the office, today I spent around 1hur. When I was blocked on the long line, I suddenly realized how long I hadn't updated my blog. Therefore, I decided that my priority back to the office was to share my recent status to my friends here. Sorry for the delay.
Honestly this is the last week staying on my current company. It's said the days of resignation are the most relaxed and joyful moments. Somehow I agree. Last week, I have already confirmed my new job, so this week I must have to hurry for handover of my job. It seemed the HR was busy with recruiting the applicate taking place my post the whole week. While unluckily no one was suitable until now. I am still waiting for the good news today.
Actually the reason why I haven't left something here recently, on the one hand, was having been stuggling for pursuing for my career direction; on the other hand, was that I sometimes found no words to write even if occasionally logged in. I knew most friends had been sharing stories persistently. It worths my respect. During the period, I felt I have growed up a lot and made clear what I head for my future through repeatly asking myself what I wanna expect and also by friends' suggestion. Right now the answer seems to have been grasped on my hand. On the beginning of the new year or returning from the Spring Festival, I immediately handed in the resignation form in order to make preparation to change my current status instantly. After that, I began searching for my intentious job. However, by one of my friends' recomodation, there was a vacant position suitable to me. Then I sent my bilingual resume to him, who helped to transer to HR in his company. After I received the interview invitation, I decided to have a try.
This is a software company with direct partenaship with Microsoft and IBM. When I took the interview, the HR recommendated my another vacant posit more suitable to me through the conversation with me. I considered a little bit and suddently got the ideal answer. The position was the Product Manager in charge of Mircrosoft Line products, which was a challening position. From the job, I also formed a clear career map on my mind. I will stick to it and head towards the bank of my life.
Here I make a conclusion that" Direction is more important than hard-working". Cheers

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Reply liuli 2012-2-16 11:15
best wishes
Reply bluephoebe 2012-2-16 11:37
Congratuations! Days away from here, and when i come back to find this great new. Wow, life is indeed full of surprises. All I could say here is Good Luck! Waiting for more wonderful news from you.
Reply ben. 2012-2-16 12:10
You are so powerful and great in my eyes .I do envy your job in my future.
Reply Jamesonhao 2012-2-16 14:29
Reply sunnyv 2012-2-16 21:32
You seem to be quite intelligent and knows what is best for yourself. Seems you can impress people so the the post of Product Manager i suitable for you. You should be adequately prepared for that post because it is quite a tough requires a lot of initiative and effort. This particular job is also a valuable path for your future success and career. Wish you the best.
Reply samscri 2012-2-22 04:39
It seems people are very easily to lost interets in their present jobs and always be searching for a new onw...Have no idea if it is the problem of the morden life or th problem of human natural......
Reply love_is_circle 2012-2-23 08:44
Congratulations! Good Luck!
Reply snowflying 2012-3-17 21:30
you are really good at to analy yourself's all, i have noticed yourself's emotions ,yourself's works, yourself's twists and turning , yourself's life status and yourself's self-thinking. you will get new experience and enrich yourself with a good chance, goo luck, Jessico.
Reply possible 2012-6-27 23:24
Direction is more important than hard-working....little reasonable in some way
Reply huakai97 2013-5-7 16:24
hi ,friend ,you have not come here for long time !

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