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Shares New Job
2012-3-22 13:50
In a blink of eyes, I have joined into the new company for a whole month. Compared with previous company, Less spare time andfurther distance , while it's more challenging for me. I wake up at 7'o clcok every morning and have to drive 30-40mins to get to the office. In orde ...
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Shares Direction
2012-2-16 11:09
This morning the whole city was covered with heavey rain and the sky turned so grey, thus the transportation became so hard.As usualit takes me just about 20mis to get the office, today I spent around 1hur. When I was blocked on the long line, I suddenly realized how long I hadn't upda ...
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Shares New Year Wishes
2012-1-18 10:32
Seemed haven't updated my blog for a couple of months. Here I would like to extend my sincere apology to my friends here for forgiving my "lasiness". At the same time, as the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is right at the corner, I wish all of you will clelebrate this big festival with ...
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Shares Say Goodbye to 2011
2011-12-31 14:34
After almost10 hurs, we will stand on the threshold of fairwelling 2011 and welcoming so-called end of the world year 2012. No matter whether the world end will pushon us, right now it's time to make a conclusion ofwhat happenedin the past year so that we are more encourago ...
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Shares Shock
2011-12-22 16:04
Yesterday I was totally shocked by occassionally reading a QQ diary from one of my best colleage classmates, also one of my intimate female friends. A short passage displayed all her sadness and release from the agony. She stated she hadn't father any more and spent last couple of months with cry ...
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Shares Flexible Interview
2011-12-15 17:35
Upon one of my friends' recommendation who works as the human resourse supervisor in a large-scaled company in SZ, yerterday afternoon I attented an interview with the overseas sales manager. The company specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling two-way radio and other wireless communic ...
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Shares Christmas Season
2011-12-12 17:38
Many people might superficially regard Christmas as the festival for fun. But more seriously, it's to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In western countries, people spend it as their new year with lasting two weeks of holiday and family reunion. On Chirismas Eve, all the family go to the church to enj ...
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Shares Taste of Life
2011-12-9 17:36
Recently I deeply feel lack of inspration to write something maybe because of totally being tied up by so much trival work, or mind-set adjustment by thinking of leading a simple and enjoyful life. It wasa changing process, that's the reason why I seldomconsidereda lot in such pe ...
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Shares Simple Happiness
2011-12-5 14:50
After experiencing a whole busy week, I couldn't help updating my blog again. Quite missing here. Seemsso unadaptable without following the situation of friends. Last last Saturday, I visited Zhuihai to relax myself. This was my first time to visit here even if I staye ...
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Shares Magical Glasses
2011-11-22 12:02
Yesterday after having the simple but nutritious dinner with radish and spareribs Soup, fried pepper pork and vegetables, I followed my habit of standing up for a while to easily get digestion. In order to fully make use of the time, usually reading or watching English program was my priority. In ...
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