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Just a story

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    Recently, I found a video in we-chat. It told a story like this: There is an old granny, she is already ninety years old. She would celebrate her birthday.Her eldest son sent her some things as birthday gift, namely, three oranges,  two of them had already went bad, a bag of something, we couldn't tell  out what it really was from its package, and a kind of sausages. Her another son came and saw those gifts, he felt very angry, and he decided to record it by cell-phone, and posted it via we-chat. He said that he would use this way to abuse his older brother. And let him felt ashamed.
    When I saw this video, I felt very shocked about it, I couldn't believe it was true. In modern world, most people no longer feel worried about hunger.Eating is not the most crucial thing which we should think. If this video is true, I don't think her son do the proper thing. If not, this thing made me think a lot. Anyway, we have no right to criticize anyone by ease. After all, we are not the person who we want to make the comment, we don't know what really happened, and what kind of problems they have to face.
   Parents are one of the most holy words in my mind. As the time goes by, the older I become, I could fully understand the meaning of this very word.There is someone in this world who will always treat us nice, and will help us out in any circumstances without any hesitation or conditions.  They will never betray us, they will always support us even if we are the enemy of the whole world; They will worried us from their bottom of hearts when we meet any problems; They will pick up and take good care of our kids when we are very busy;  When they are about to finish their last journey in this world, they would still think of us instead of thinking themselves. How great they are ! How unselfish they are!
   In fast pace of world, although we have too many things to deal with, too many problems to face, we had better take some time to spend with our parents. When we go out for business or something, before leaving or after coming back, we might as well call them in order not to make them feeling so worried about us. 
   We should take more time with them before it is too late. And try our best to make them feel proud of us instead of letting them down.

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