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Understanding slowly

Hot 1323 views. 2018-7-25 00:46 |Individual Classification:Mood

 I understand slowly that the more I want to seal my past, I do long for things such as daily’s real life, the ever past passion ,troubles I met before and ever romantic things. I know slowly that days need to be past day by day, we should taste life little by little. When I learned how to cope with things and people around me, I can not keep my cooled passion any more. When dreams meet reality, the stand-still body have to bend for the daily’s needs. In one’s life, there are some people ,some things we cannot forget, and some specials days to be cherished for some certain reasons. In some certain time, we remembered some memory of our past, and feel a little bit lonely. There is always some shadow walk up and down in our heart, we cannot forget it , or as least sealed it in a corner of our heart, learn to forget it.
 I understand slowly that other’s comment is not so important as before. No matter what they say is right or not, we have to face all by ourselves. What we say or we done just follow our heart, and we never feel regret really account. Our lives are not so long as we think, we should establish our future by hard-working, meanwhile we should set a goal as our lighthouse in order to avoid deviating our sailing-line. Only none-stopped sailing we can appreciate beautiful scenery behind us. If one man want to get love, he or she must love their-selves. In any time one shouldn’t abandon himself, learn to respect others as well as himself. When meet troubles, just deal with them, don’t think too much about money, fame or others things, for when you work hard ,and hope for the best, prepare for the worst, those things will come back to see you. No matter at what time, we should learn more as possible as we can, have an open heart to welcome new things in order to fit this world, a never give up heart to face all potential difficulties. In our life stage, we give ourselves a quite creditable performance.

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Reply freefu55 2018-7-27 15:04
you are smart, you are sentimental, and you are wise, but you are not satisfied

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