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Something About Children’s Education

215 views. 2019-7-24 14:17 |Individual Classification:Mood| Education

    We all know that education is very essential to our lives. We can benefit a lot from long-life learning. As the time go by, we have many facilities to help us learning. But problems about how to learn ,especially how to teach our children is really a hard nut to crack. Nowadays learning environment is very different from past. Kids now are very hard to teach, not only because they know more , but also hi-tech provides more games for children. In addition, parents are too busy to teach their child, or they don’t know how to teach their kids.

Here are some suggestions about how to teach child:

一. Pre-school Period
At this period, we mainly teach kid know all kinds of rules. We help kids to understand some basic ideas about rules, such as sleeping at certain times, work while work, play while play.

二. School Period

At this period, there are lots of things to do in order to cultivate a good learning habits for the kids.
In Grade one and two, we mainly help our kid cultivate habits. We let them know what they should do at school, and what they should do at home. We help them in reading, writing and using their own words to express what they have remembered.
In Grade three to Grade six, we should achieve these goals: Child know how to learn; they are interested in study; they like reading and writing; they can use their own words to express their ideas clearly, and at last, they can balance time between study and play.

三. Some knowledge about spending money

We teach them how to use money wisely. We can achieve this goal by asking kids to help us buy some daily necessities, or offer some chances for kids to earn some money at home. Let them know how to spend money worthily.  

     Anyway, child education is not easy, we have to find many ways to adjust from time to time in order to pave a bright road for their future.

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