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Soar 2014-9-26 21:03
Hi,Loly. I wonder when you will come back and share your stories. I want to tell you i miss you so much.
Soar 2014-9-26 21:02
Hi,Loly. I wonder when you will come back and share your stories. I want to tell you i miss you so much.
moli 2014-1-28 11:40
long time no see, and happy new year!
Yusuf 2013-12-24 15:04
hello, how are you ?
Yusuf 2013-11-24 19:13
long time no see ,how are you ?is everything ok?
jianghaoyuan 2013-8-18 21:40
Thanks for giving me a blessing. It felt very good!
Soar 2013-8-11 20:26
loly90: Dear Soar, is everything going ok? Don't forget to enjoy your weeked! Happy everyday!
Thanks. How about your weekend? Are you very busy recently? Today i had a day off and went to a park. You know it's very very hot staying at indoors without air-conditioner. So how lucky and enjoyable when i sat under the big tree near a river in which has lots of lotus.
Soar 2013-7-28 20:37
Dear Loly, i miss you now. How are you doing? Does everything go well with you? I have left my hometown for work already. You know my problem has been solved. All i have to do is work harder from now on.
Soar 2013-6-24 22:10
loly90: Dear Soar, how is everything going?
Dear loly, thanks for your care. I will have my vocation soon. I am going back home. I was really busy and tired these two months. Luckily, i could say goodbye to my tiring things. You are always hardworking.  you often post your  blogs here to share your life. I learnt a lot from you. I hope everything will go well with you. May God bless you and give your more happiness. We believe no matter what tomorrow will be better.
indiangirl 2013-6-12 09:12
Hi Loly, could you do me a favor and show me the step to have a nice space? I could not find it after updated...Happy Dragon Boat Fetival!
JorainFrank 2013-5-28 11:58
sunnyv 2013-5-18 10:20
loly90:    Haha, Sunny, catch you here, good night! I have to work tomorrow.
Oh poor little girl having to work on a Saturday. It is Saturday 10am now and it is raining heavily outside, seems god is on your side and you are blessed. Sometimes, we are fortunate in many aspects without knowing it. Have a nice weekend anyway.
Yusuf 2013-5-9 11:09
loly90: Hi, i remember that you want to present a gift to your dear mother to celebrate mother's day, right? You know, sometimes, we choose a gift that mother ...
ok    thank you friend~!
heai88 2013-5-8 15:15
loly90: Dea tomto, don't forget us! Do remember to see us here. So much thanks for giving us good memories here, thank you so much, u are a diligent person!
Loly, thank you for your message. I never ever forget you all. As you all are my best and kind friends. Honestly, I like DIOENGLISH website very much and everytime I log in here, I don't know why I often feel at ease. I am back now. and I will study hard to improve my English, as I need to seak a job to support myself and my family in the future.
Soar 2013-5-3 16:16
loly90: Dear buddy, how is everything going?
wow, you are so sweet. you know the weekend is coming. so I don't have any reason not to be happy. Haha, happy weekends!
moli 2013-5-1 12:11
loly90: Like your name, diffuse the fragrance of jasmine, full of beauty and confidence! Happy international labor's day!
Thank you!
You, too.
jidujingbing 2013-4-10 11:44
loly90: So you are a Christian, right??
Yusuf 2013-4-3 18:34
headmaster 2013-3-30 12:35
Happy Birthday!
Soar 2013-3-27 17:56
loly90: Hi, dear Soar, how is everything going with you?
Dear loly, thanks for your greeting. Everything is fine with me. Just a little busy these days. I am taking a bus to do my past- time job now. I hope you can get your orders soon. Come on!

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