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958 views. 2016-7-3 21:28 | brothers, familiar, mountain, burning, friends

One day, she saw a group of people in white clothes crying their eyes out in front of a pile of loess and burning dozens of paper money. The shadows of this group of people were so familiar to her. They should be family members. She felt so puzzled, it wasn’t a day for sacrifice, what were these guys doing in the disorderly burying ground of mountain? Weren’t these guys her relatives and friends, brothers and sisters, nephews? It was really so strange, why did they come here and being so sad and heartbroken?

  “What’s wrong with you?”, she walked among them, “Who’s wrong? What’s going on?”. She asked loudly. What’s more strange, the relatives turned a blind eye to her enquiry and emergence, only crying endlessly.

  So she came to the grave and saw a small broken monument impressively carved with: Z guy died at day x ,month x, year x.

  Wasn’t this Z her name? She died a year ago? Ridiculous, really ridiculous. Wasn’t she stand right in front of the grave now? Was there someone else with the same name? There was indeed a person with the same name at the place of her grandmother decades of kilometers away, but with a different family name, and even though the person with the same name died, how could her family members come here to mourn the person? What the hell was going on here? She walked near to her little sister and asked anxiously, “Tell me what’s going on. I’ve been living with you all the time and I’m right in the face of you. Who’s the Z guy sleeping in the grave?” Her little sister ignored her and seemed to not to see her and was still with tears cover her face.

  “A really health person, how could she die without much ado?”

  “The heaven isn’t fair, so young and has graduated from university only for a few years, and…”

  “If not because of the accident, now she is just in the prime of her life as a flower.”

  “The vehicle speed is so fast…”

  From their conversation in bits and pieces, she knew approximately they were talking about the traffic accident happened to her a year ago.

  If so, the person lay in the grave should be her. But she wasn’t die from the traffic accident. Then the speed was beyond 100 yards, when the vehicle run into her, she was in coma for a few seconds. But later didn’t she wake up? Didn’t she go to hospital? Didn’t she recover after stayed in the hospital for two days? And after that, she paid a visit to her customers. She also recalled how horrible the traffic accident was, how lucky she survived. And after that, she also did a lot of things, ridiculous, non-ridiculous, repentant, non-repentant, reasonable, unreasonable, things deserve to do and not deserve to do. Were these things all her own imagination? All things including being in the hospital, people living together, the things she did? Were all the things of the year only her imagination?

  In fact, she died from the traffic accident, which meant she already died from the moment she was hit by the vehicle at day x, month x, year x. The people in the reality knew she passed away, her body was decomposed, her ashes was threw away. It was only in her consciousness that she was going to be sent to the hospital and would recover after staying in the hospital for a few days, would pay visit to her customers, and all the related things.

  It’s possible in physics. There are two necessary conditions about the existence of things, one is time, the other is space. The world is composed by numerous changing space times. The space time you lived originally is the so-called reality. The people in reality is walking according to the rules of existed  space time. There is more than one space time. If you are engulfed by another black hole, on the other end of black hole, is there another space time totally different? The world is illusory originally, who will be certain the space time he/she is living in is reality space time or another totally different space time?

  So she wasn’t belong to the space time she existed originally, she died in the space time of reality. People knew she was inexistent. Suddenly she was awake…

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