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Shares Career Plan
2013-4-10 16:42
I graduated in 2006 and I’ve worked for nearly 7 years now. 7 years makes marriage itch. I’ve worked for nearly 7 years and have to rethink of my career now. Now I’m thinking of being foreign support to expand business relationship so that I can have my own business later. I’ll ...
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Shares Return from Pakistan
2013-4-8 19:57
On Tuesday, I returned to China from Pakistan. After resolved 3G problems, my client went to PTCL with me to have a test, but there was a new guy there, who said he had to arrange a test for us. So we didn’t have choice but to return. On the road, for the first time, I could see Is ...
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Shares Be Tough
2013-3-31 01:32
I had dry bread for breakfast and fried rice with a little carrot for lunch and nothing for supper to resolve the 3G issue so that my boss and director could earn more money, but none of them pitied me and berated me for this and that. Though I was a gentle guy, I became really angry. Tho ...
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Shares The Charm of Man
2013-3-30 00:20
In Pakistan, I saw the real charm of man. They wear business suit and confident smile as well. Where is the confidence come from? From career. Sometimes man doesn’t need good looks, ability is much more important. The success boss gives you a deep impression even though you’re not willing to ...
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Shares Have a Rest
2013-3-29 23:58
Finally I can have a rest after the issue of 3G modem is resolved. My client treated me well since I resolved the issue. I also met their big boss Mash, an old man with white beard. He asked me to make everything OK before I went to China. I didn’t know how to judge his appearance, which wa ...
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Shares Pakistan Trip-3G Modem
2013-3-29 13:03
I came to Pakistan to resolve 3G modem problem. There was an USB port on our modem and PTCL wanted it to support different kinds of 3G modem. The DSL network wasn’t stable so PTCL wanted to use 3G modem as a backup. When DSL failed, 3G modem would work automatically. When DSL worked, 3G modem ...
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Shares Pakistan Trip
2013-3-28 17:00
I went to Pakistan last Friday. In the evening of Thursday, I just got everything packed. So the next morning, I went out without worry about missing some things. I still remembered the lesson of Malaysia trip. I missed the bus because I arrived there three minutes late. When I arrived ...
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Shares Happy Night in Islamabad
2013-3-28 12:54
I went to have supper with Faisal and his friend. Faisal was really enthusiastic and insisted on driving to the top of mountain to have a supper and enjoy the night view of Islamabad. The road was really steep and had so many turnings. Most of time we couldn’t see road ahead. Faisal was a really ...
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Shares Change---Foreword
2013-2-21 23:38
I’ve written a lot of things before and nearly forget all of them. Sometimes I wrote in my notebook, sometimes I wrote in my computer. Most of things I wrote before are lost now. By accident, I found a novel Changeable World I wrote in junior high school and can not help sighing that I can’t ...
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Shares Happiness
2013-2-21 16:17
Since my childhood, all my happiness comes from external things. Sometimes my mother went to town market to buy delicious food for me, I felt happy. As my main food were three dinners, candy, banana, persimmon cake etc were all delicious to me. Having Spring Festival was happy to me ...
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