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A nightmare

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I have a night shift every four days. It begins at 9:oo at night and would not end until 8:oo the next morning. So I could spend the whole afternoon just lying on bed and having a sound sleep, but most of the time I just lie there, thinking about stuff, or gazing up at the ceiling to while away the time. But still, I would  set a clock on phone every time, you know, just in case. and I always get up earlier than the time I set.

This nightmare has everything to do with the nightshift. In the dream, I slept in, and when I was awake, it was 6:oo next morning. I felt so fresh, and energetic and everything. And my complexion was much better than ever, I could tell that at the first sight of the mirror.

And out of nowhere, it occurred to me that I was supposed to have an eleven-hour nightshift last night.i  picked up the phone to check the alarm. it was power off.

I was stunned and disconcerted all of a sudden, and could not figure out to do next, there was no doubt that the director would rage in a way I could never imagine. Oh my god, she was going to kill me.

In the dream, my sister was there in my house. she was already awake, staring out of the window. 

“It was only six, you can go back to sleep for another hour.” She said

“Do you know that I should have a night shift last night?”I asked her.

“Yes, but you did not get up.”

“Why not wake me up?”

“is there something wrong?, I thought you might have your work schedule changed, and you need more sleep.”

I lost temper, and flinging things that sitting on the table to the floor, shouting that it was her fault. why not wake me up and find out?

Deep down inside, I got it, it was all my fault, and there was no one else to blame but myself. But I just need an outlet of my anger, so there she was. She made no argument, which made me feel worse. I slammed the door behind and went to work.

When I arrived at the hospital, everyone was talking about what a busy night and my absence was a much hotter and interesting topic. and then came the director.

I was totally awake at that moment with a cold sweat in my whole body.

Fortunately, it is a dream.

And it is the first time I do not hate the night shift. I am so relieved.

I went to reach the phone to check on the time. Oh my god, it was shutdown, for the electricity was run out.

Fortunately, I had a nightmare, or else, i would have overslept and made the nightmare become true.

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Reply teadrinking 2017-7-15 21:35
As a doctor, it is an obligation and duty to have the night shift. It may sometimes disorder our internal system. And anxiety and pressure are also likely to add the possibility of the nightmare.

As the nightmare, everyone, more or less, has some unforgettable experience.  In the dream, we are to be trapped in a malicious circle which makes us nowhere else to escape and many of chaotic things just stirs up in the mind. And then we feel lost and do not know where we can go. Usually, at the very point, we woke up by surprise, and then we realised it was mere a nightmare.
Reply wangjide01 2017-7-20 13:36
How poor a girl. It's terrible of a night shift every four days. It‘s harmful for your health.  You'd better asking a longtime nignt shift or change the work. Hope you have a good sleep

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