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This Summer I Travelled to Japan

Hot 2928 views. 2016-10-21 15:10 |Individual Classification:Travel Thoughts| Summer, Japan, Travel

This summer, I spent seven exciting days in Japan. My Hubby and I visited Tokyo, Sapporo and several small cities in Hokkaido. We planned our trip on our own, booked travel tickets, hotels and guest-house two months in advance.

I was amazed by how civilied the Japanese society is. You won’t see any rubbish or trash cans in the streets. I still remember that on the first day when I got out of the Tokyo station, I saw a street cleaner, dressed neatly, using his broom to sweep the gap near the flower bed, even though it was so clean already. The public toilets is another manifestation. No odor, no waste tissues were allowed to appear in there. They got detailed explanations and instructions to show you how to use a toilet and make the next user comfortable.

Another thing is about local people. You can see order and courtesy everywhere. I saw everyone queuing up and letting the passengers get off before they get on when taking the metro. No rush at all. I saw nobody take the designated seats for the old, the preganent and the disabled. I saw a blind man walking along the tactile paving with a stick groping his way.

One of the most memorable thing was happened on the train from Hakodate to Tokyo. We only got standing tickets even five days ahead of the departure time. It was in August, a lot of Japanese people were on vacation too. The train seats were all reserved. So we just standing at junction area between two train cars. As the train was moving forward, more people with standing tickets got on board. The small area was crowded with people. Even the stewardess with a trolley could not push through the crowd. So to make room for the stewardess, I went into the car. I was a little bit stratled that there were actually many vacant seats in there. But those people standing in the narrow space were reluctant to seat down even they looked exhausted.

I was standing there, thinking “Why don’t they just take a seat and rest a little? Are they too rigid to do that? My feet hurt...I’ll probably collapse...” After standing on the train all the way for four hours pondering over the question and reminiscing the past few days in Hokkaido, I finally understood them. Japanese people are just educated like that. They don’t want to bother others. Keep everything in order is everyone's responsiblity.

I feel so comfortable being in this country and I look forward to the next adventure in Japan:)

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Reply Tracy-Win 2016-10-22 12:58
thank u share,everyone can reading and realize different culture
Reply Ms.Y 2016-10-22 16:58
What a wonderful journey! The different culture has the different characteristic. Hope you have more wonderful experences in other nations.
Reply Xtasy 2016-10-25 11:27
Ms.Y: What a wonderful journey! The different culture has the different characteristic. Hope you have more wonderful experences in other nations.
Thanks, Ms Y. May you all the best.

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