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My muscle has been sore since I went out to do some sports the day before yesterday. It is the time for me to keep fit and lose weight. Some girls in my office are trying to learn swimming to keep healthy. Swimming is the most relaxation and cool sport type to be chosen  , especially for hot summer season. Maybe I would give a consideration to learn swimming if time permits. The first thing I should do now is to keep a regular healthy diet and not to eat meat too much. I know myself well why I felt uneasy with my muscle is due to I am lack of doing physical exercises regularly.


Do you contact with your old colleagues even if you are not working in the same company now ? To tell you the truth, I think I am always pay attention to the friendship with my old colleagues, but the problems comes, I am very active, sometimes I say hi to them, and they just reply it in polite official way. “I am doing well “,and they will not take the initiative to contact me, therefore, I gave up to have connection with some of them. There is an old saying” the tea cools down as soon as the person is gone”, I come to realized that that is the exact case. Why should I care about those who turn a indifferent attitude to me. Ok, do not take it too serious, I comfort myself, let it go.  


On the solstice day, stay centered and positive, do not get yourself involved into the drama of nature, even it is only in your backyard or even on a balcony connecting with your plants. 

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Reply teadrinking 2017-7-15 21:20
Summer is an ideal season for us to do physical exercises. We feel the sweaty and exciting process of body training. I also felt not comfortable and the sour from muscles. That was because I did not take too many exercises. Now, I get used to it. And I also keep the regular training with modest diet.

Swimming is a good option. It needs all functions to operate when we swim in the water. That costs many energies because we have to pave the water and swim forward.

The contact between friends depends on how we keep it. Actually, we can maintain just several core friends who we may keep in touch regularly. Most ones we just met ever and have a small possibility to sustain for a long time. Everybody has his or her life, everybody has to do deal with their things. If they do not respond us, just let it go. We all on the way to our own life.

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