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These most ideal life in my eyes is no need to be so-called rich level standard , but we have some adequate saving in case some rainy days happened. And we concentrate our job during the working hours. For one thing, is to make ourselves valuable in the society. For another, we need to make a living by working. Most of the people are not from the ordinary family background. It is impossible to choose our family and parents, but it is possible for us to create better life through our own efforts, nobody else can help this but we have to depend on ourselves.


I would like to have a leisure time and living alone after work. As usual, I would like to check what happen around my friends and read the news from home and abroad. A great number of people would like to own their apartment if possible. Maybe it is because the rental house is unsatisfactory, or they can feel the belongs by renting a house outside. In comparison, the monthly living cost including renting a house is even equal to the cost for the new house mortgage. Therefore, under this circumstances, why not choose to buy an apartment instead of renting one? 

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Reply johnsonwu 2017-10-12 08:49
It will be available for renting a house in a few days, but impossible to buy a house in whole life.
Reply Tange 2017-10-17 23:10
johnsonwu: It will be available for renting a house in a few days, but impossible to buy a house in whole life.
hehe , but the feeling of renting a house and the feeling of paying the loan of house  , it is quite different ....

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