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Shares what course to follow.
beth 2015-10-16 14:42
I joined new company three days, but i regret it. My livelihood was become busy after my little son was born in October last year. and it will take me one and half an hour to go to the location of my last company. so i decided change a job which near my home. I received the offer on S ...
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Shares Poor listenning and speaking english
beth 2014-2-21 11:19
Recently I got a call to make an appointment for an interview. I did some preparation for professional knowledge. And I arrived the company at half past nine in the morning. Receptionist provided me a visitor register book to sign my visiting record. Then she took me to a meeting room and gave ...
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Shares Feeling after spring festival
beth 2014-2-19 11:18
Yes, the spring festival has past one more week. I am so missing the days in the hometown together with family. This spring festival is the first spring festival that my husband spent with my family. Because he is a southern and I am a northern, and my hometown is far away from his hometown. S ...
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Shares Our last weekend
beth 2013-10-21 17:17
Weekend is comming, but my husband had to work overtime on saturday and only me alone at home.Weather turns cool, soi planed to put the summer clothes away and sort out our autumn\winter clothes. I got up at 08:30, after washing i started to watch "爸爸去哪儿"whichwas playe ...
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Shares my dreams
beth 2013-10-19 09:19
I have so many dreams. where do i start? when i was young,my dream was to swim in the sea but i have down that now,a few times. I dream about dancing till sunrise in a reggae bar, somewhere in the Caribbean would be nice. I’ve always wanted write to a novel, ...
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Shares Last friday
beth 2013-8-6 15:44
It's about 11:00 AM of last friday. The electricity in my apartment went out with a bang. I open the switch cabinet with flashlights, and push all of the switch carefully, but the electrcity didn't come. You know the tempreture of shanghai in this summer is so high. so we (three ...
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Shares Suspend our fitness plan
beth 2013-7-15 14:31
From last Monday , I start to running after supper with my roommate. Unfortunatly,she had a eczema, because it will be worst if she sweat out. I have to continuerunning alone. There is a long way from my housing estate to the crowded place,so I worry the public security.Maybe i wi ...
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Shares Homesickness
beth 2013-6-9 11:13
Dragon Boat festival is just around the corner, it reminder me the rice dumplings made by mom, i haven't spend national vacation at home for eight years. Every time for the national vacation like mid-autumn festival, i want to go home and taste the food by mother.Due to the long time would spend on ...
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Shares Plan in June
beth 2013-6-4 15:40
My written and oral english isn't very well. and it related to my work. so improving my english level is extremely urgent. For the improvment , i work out a plan and have a try in june. First, read there blogs form dioenglish website and leave my comment ,remember the new word in them. Maybe my ...
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Shares Consult how to get an invitation code of dioenglish when register
beth 2013-6-3 10:59
Hellofriends, One of my collegue s want to be a new member of this website. and when he register, he must provide the invitation code. (I remember i didn't do this before),so i want to know how to get the invitation code for him. what's more, i saw i could invite him, and copy the l ...
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