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  • though life's goodness can at times be overshadowed,it is never outweighed. Reply
  • yelling at me will do you no good! Reply
  • the good life is on inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Reply
  • i don't find the way to study english. Reply
  • please take me home. Reply
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I don't know why 2009-12-08
Last night,I've made a strange dream,and I still remembered it . There were some mokeys arounded my house, and some banana trees ,but the banan ...
(548) Views|(9) Replies
how are you going to do tomorrow? 2009-12-07
How are you going to do tomorrow? I ask myself. Really,I don't know. So many things I have to do. My work things and my study things. ...
(613) Views|(8) Replies
only 19days!! 2009-12-04
oh,my god!it's only 19 days. every time when i think it,i feel very worried. i hope the time goes slow. but it's only dream.
(689) Views|(11) Replies
I want to go some where 2009-12-03
I want to go some where, There are have flowers and strees every where. The sky is blue,the cloud is white, and the wind is light. It's a ...
(560) Views|(8) Replies
sunny day 2009-12-02
Today is a fine day,I like it. There aren't lot of days sunny by guangzhou. Almost time,it's a cloudy day. In my home town, The sky alway ...
(631) Views|(13) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-6-20 16:44
Great regards to all great fathers and wish all of them all the best!!
touringchina 2010-6-11 18:59
yaoyaocaoxiang: hello!
yeah,glad to see you
charlene 2010-5-20 15:43
yaoyaocaoxiang: hello,nice girl!
Samaritan 2010-5-19 16:04
yaoyaocaoxiang: hello!!!!!!!!!
hi, long time no see.
woods 2010-5-19 10:54
yaoyaocaoxiang: hehe,have a good time!
Thanks,my friend~you too.
Monicahao 2010-5-5 21:24
yaoyaocaoxiang: hi,pretty lady!
charlene 2010-3-31 15:09
yaoyaocaoxiang: hello pretty girl!
hi,how are u
Samaritan 2010-3-30 14:46
yaoyaocaoxiang: are you ok my friend?
yes, I am okay.
sddzzqq 2010-3-30 13:28
yaoyaocaoxiang: are you ok?
Yes I am OK! But not so good . Because my computer is attacked terribly .
Sharer 2010-3-30 13:14
yaoyaocaoxiang: hello,have a good time!
Cheers ~ you too!
danny 2010-3-30 12:00
yaoyaocaoxiang: are you ok now?hope you have nice time everyday!
thank you . wish you happy everyday
Lity 2010-2-20 19:55
yaoyaocaoxiang: say hi to you and hope you have a nice day!!
Lity 2009-12-21 08:18
yaoyaocaoxiang: say hi to you and hope you have a nice day!!
you too.
sddzzqq 2009-12-9 15:39
yaoyaocaoxiang: it's a cool day,take care of yourself.
it is OK here. thank you! same to yourself!
woods 2009-12-8 17:21
yaoyaocaoxiang: say hi to you and hope you have a good day!
moli 2009-12-8 17:13
yaoyaocaoxiang: the tamperature lower,take care of yourself.
You, too.
There is no words can express how thankful I am!
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