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Shares Chinese New Year
SmilingAngel 2022-2-19 11:05
When I was a young kid, I always longed for the Lunar New Year to come sooner, because that’s the best holiday ever, although I loved Mid-Autumn festival and the Dragon Boat festival too. I remember nearing the new year time, we customarily have a thorough house cleaning, ...
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Shares Me Time
SmilingAngel 2022-2-18 11:32
I supposed to have a few hours for myself tonight, but no, I was stuck in a conversation for hours instead. Err… I could really use some alone time. I have no problem socializing, but most of the time, I prefer doing things alone. I value the peace, the tranquility, the quietness, and the mos ...
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Shares Leisure Time
SmilingAngel 2022-2-17 11:11
Life has been so crazy lately that I can barely find any spare time to pursue my hobbies. It seems the craziness finally settled down a little bit, and I can enjoy my downtime moderately, and may have time to write again, yay! Here’s the plan for this weekend, if I can ge ...
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Shares Short Story 1
SmilingAngel 2022-1-21 11:41
In the end of 2021, one of the hotel owners, Judi, she was walking on the beach and cleaning up the trash that washed up to shore, she found a plastic water bottle with a message in it. There was some sand and 2 one-dollar bills. Once she opened it and read the notes, she learned that it was no ...
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Shares Short Story
SmilingAngel 2022-1-20 11:58
This gentleman was minding his own business in the park, then he heard a little girl crying. He went to console her, and tried to figure out what happened. The little girl told him that she lost her beloved teddy bear, and she couldn’t find it anywhere. The kind gentleman looked everywhere for ...
142 views|2 replies Hot 1
Shares Inflation
SmilingAngel 2022-1-19 10:30
Inflation of the economy is ridiculous now; it drives up prices of everyday essential purchases. My internet went up the most, it was 30 dollars a month, it is 65 dollars now. I just received an email, it states that from next month, my instant ink will have one-dollar increasement. TV subscrip ...
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Shares Exercise
SmilingAngel 2022-1-18 10:40
It is essential to have physical exercise to sustain good health and a fit body. I think those people who workout regularly, they look extremely attractive. I used to exercise every day, but I got so caught up in life that I sometimes neglected it. Winter is my least favorite season, I feel slu ...
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Shares To be Thankful
SmilingAngel 2022-1-17 11:11
We should always be thankful for anything that other people have done for us. To be thankful is also one of the secret ingredients to be happy. If we take things for granted habitually, we would find ourselves very difficult to be satisfied and would always feel discontented with life. ...
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Shares Emotions
SmilingAngel 2022-1-16 11:18
Emotion is such a unique thing we all have. Some people display it naturally and some people prefer to show others whatever they want them to see. I am more of the former one, and I am not good at hiding my emotions, it is pretty easy to tell whether I am happy or upset. I think majority of th ...
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Shares DioEnglish and I
SmilingAngel 2022-1-15 11:10
DioEnglish is so different now, and I think they are too commercial. I don’t recall they ask for money when you register with them, and I don’t remember they ask for money to have more space. There are many things have had changed during the time that I was not here. I used to know many ext ...
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