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Actually I feel tired but I try to pursue myself to work hard.
2017-6-19 07:57 Reply|
Actually I feel tired but I try to pursue myself to work hard.
2017-6-19 07:57 Reply|
I am going to get bed. but I would like come to leave my wishes to all of you.a shine day and good pleasure for tomorrow.
2016-11-17 22:01 Reply|
I am pleased to know that there are  always some friends visit me on this blog . I appreciate you much and best wishes to all of you . Thanks a lot
2014-7-5 19:23 Reply|
  I have a lot to do this day . Acturally I want to send a regular blog , but it must be delayed to afternoon .
2014-7-4 11:14 Reply|
Hi , my dears , wellcome to visit my homepage and leave some words to me , the suggestion , or modify my mistakes on the words or grammar . I appreciate much . I am a learner on English language
2014-7-2 10:48 Reply|
Hi eveyone , good day ! all the pleasure to all of you . and donot forget to have a drink .
2014-7-1 09:00 Reply|
2014-6-30 21:02 Reply|
So many people are around me that I can't do what I want to do .
2012-6-4 16:17 Reply|
I have no time to write my normal blog .
2012-5-25 16:58 Reply|
This day I have done much , However, it is not finish . I feel tired .
  • yuanxiu: proper relaxation is necessary for too much work ... (5-26 14:03)
2012-5-25 16:58 Reply|
The work begain .! This is also a busy day . and what are you doing now ?
2012-5-24 08:49 Reply|
Dear , have a drink please , and prepare for the lunch
2012-5-22 11:22 Reply|
English is not tool , is not skill , is not task , is not fasihon show but a normal part of normal life . what do you think ?
  • yuanxiu: You get it... (5-22 11:33)
2012-5-22 10:02 Reply|
Hi, shine day to you , my dear.
2012-5-22 09:41 Reply|

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