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Everything is nothing and live in the present

461 views. 2012-6-14 11:51 |Individual Classification:wondering thoughts|

    This is so amazing an experience, never would i ever before thought that i would be in a place so far far away from my hometown or so much remote from the city . Yeah , it is life , leaving no trace for us to follow, but sheer surprise. We have been here for almost 8 months , call it a short time , while i feel like we have been staying for such a long long time. My honey is a civil servant, out of all kinds of reasons , he chose this place as a stepstone . And finally we are here, a little town located in the north of Jiangsu province,named Dayou. We live in the yard of the town government.

        Life here is simple but happy. It costs me a spell to adapt to the newly strange place.At the beginning , depression came to visit me frequently , life is full of misery. There are sevsral reasons leading to the consequence.Partly because of the infamiliarity , partly due to the job i was taking , put me in the situation of exhaustion. Now i have quitted that job as an English teacher in a private school , a boarding achool,they treat us without humanity , i spent almost fifteen hours one day at school and they only pay us a little . Now i am free at home , preparing for the teachers' examination on July 7th . Happiness is not a rare visitor then , i drop my bad thoughts , looking to the bright side . Hope is in my heart , no matter how the result turns to be, i am sure i can handle it.

       Now i've learned that happiness depends on my attitude. I get it from my personal experience. I feel much relieved , like a saying everything is nothing , leave out those unnecessary wanderings and let it be , keep my own peace inside , that is kind of happiness which can be eternal and shining forever. Yesterday , i appreciated one interview show , the honered guest said that everything that happened in our life is neither absolutely good nor bad , sometimes setbacks can be a luck in disguise , even bad experiences can be learned from .And she also contends that money is only a convenience not happiness , impressed me a lot .

        Golden sunlight dances in the treetop, wind touches my skin with softness , a glorious day .

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Reply Kimi011812 2012-6-14 14:59
"一切都是浮云", the classical words skin over my mind again. Life is an attitude, life would be totally different if we see it from each side.
Reply Ebymas 2012-6-14 17:33
Kimi011812: "一切都是浮云", the classical words skin over my mind again. Life is an attitude, life would be totally different if we see it from each sid
We know the truth ,yet most of us basically can not practice it into real life . This time , i really got it deep in my heart.Hehe , really hate endless anxiety and unnecessary worry , which does not help at all .
Try to be peaceful ,and lead a good life .
Reply indiangirl 2012-6-14 21:31
Hehe, learn from your article, thanks...
Reply Ebymas 2012-6-14 22:08
indiangirl: Hehe, learn from your article, thanks...
The truth is ,we learn from each other . Welcome you always ,my dear friend.

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