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Shares A talk to sorrow
2012-7-6 20:00
Once again , I slip into your trap. Fortunately , I get out of it the next second. All of a sudden , you come to visit me and deepen my sorrow. What do you want from me ? Comfort ? Joke ? Or ? You know? I really hate you , distu ...
Individual Classification: wondering thoughts|667 views|2 replies
Shares Dragon Boat Festival
2012-6-23 10:44
I didn't remember where did i spend the festival last year . Life piled up with so much things . This year , i spend it with my honey . Sadly , he is still on work , really having no clue why their boss make them work overtime at the special day . Anyway , i am alone right now and i ...
Individual Classification: wondering thoughts|714 views|5 replies
Shares C---E Translation (4)
2012-6-20 09:56
两只青蛙一起住在一片沼泽地。但是,在一个炎热的夏天,沼泽地干涸了。他们只有离开了那里去寻找另一个地方居住,因为青蛙喜欢潮湿的地方。不久以后,他们来到了一口深井前,其中一只朝里面看了看然后对另一只青蛙说:“这儿看起来是一个极好极凉爽的地方!我们跳下去就在这定居吧!”但是,另一 ...
Individual Classification: translation pieces|603 views|2 replies
Shares C---E Translation (3)
2012-6-16 10:30
当早晨醒来看到日出的时候,我们散步感受清风的时候,我们远眺群山、眺望壮阔大海的时候,当我们观察到一年四季更迭中地球更换新衣的时候,当我们仰望璀璨星空的时候,我们应该感谢上帝赐予我们如此奇妙、美不胜收的自然万物。学会更加贴近大自然可以对我们看待事物和看待自己的方式有着十分有益的影响. ...
Individual Classification: translation pieces|831 views|2 replies
Shares The place we are living
2012-6-15 10:33
Let me stretch it briefly, then i am sure you can imagine what it is all like with your fantasy . We live in the yard of the town government. There is a river right before our house , flowing unremittingly by day and night , addi ...
690 views|4 replies
Shares Everything is nothing and live in the present
2012-6-14 11:51
This is so amazing an experience, never would i ever before thought that i would be in a place so far far away from my hometown or so much remote from the city . Yeah , it is life , leaving no trace for us to follow, but sheer surprise. We have been here for almost ...
Individual Classification: wondering thoughts|461 views|4 replies
Shares EQ Expertise Mrs Zhang
2012-6-11 11:50
Nightfell down , I turned on the TVunconsciously, the program showing caught my attraction. And it is about the story between Mrs zhang (张怡筠)and her husband (李康文). When the show was over , i felt touched by their lov ...
Individual Classification: wondering thoughts|410 views|0 replies
Shares Serenity
2012-6-7 18:29
Regular life was totally interrupted . After several days of chaos , serenity finally come back . And at this very moment , i am enjoying a piece of peace all by myself. It turns out to be that man should always find a time belo ...
Individual Classification: wondering thoughts|378 views|2 replies
Shares Resume My Poor French
2012-6-2 09:46
French , my second language at college. It's a littleembarrassing that i hadn't spent so much time on it at that time,basically ,i only got a superficial understanding about this beautiful language.What a shame! I haven't touched it for a lon ...
Individual Classification: wondering thoughts|399 views|4 replies
Shares C---E Translation (2)
2012-5-31 08:42
自己的看法 网友传了一个笑话给我:联合国出了一道题目,请全世界的小朋友 ...
Individual Classification: translation pieces|412 views|2 replies

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