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"Quite another view" 2009-09-13
Blue sky, white cloud, bright sunshine, gentle breeze now and then, another fantastic day in autumn~   Today is Sunday. Finally I have one ...
(618) Views|(9) Replies
Before new semester begins 2009-09-07
It has been several days since I came back to Beijing and I have been stuggling to move all my stuff to the new student dorm these days. I have never ...
(936) Views|(36) Replies
Get Down to Preparing for an interview 2009-09-01
Just now I receive a phone call and someone informs me to attend an interview.   Holy Crap! I have almost forgot that I applied to b ...
(527) Views|(18) Replies
Carpe Diem! 2009-08-22
Carpe Diem is the Latin sentence I want to burst out and to regenerate myself right now.   Today is Aug. 22nd, 2009. Ten days later, ...
(558) Views|(19) Replies
Just for joke (from Xiaonei) 2009-08-14
Washington Post holds a poem contest. The instruction is as follow: two rhymed verses, the first line the utmost romantic, and the second one th ...
(648) Views|(14) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-9-24 11:10
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
taishan369 2009-12-16 10:29
Jenny7: Hello~~
I wonder why you upload such a profile..
hehe,there are no reason
jetyang 2009-12-5 18:47
hi~ your profile picture is very cute~
lingfeng 2009-10-3 20:06
happy Mid-Autumn Day!
  The best wishes to you,
     have a good time in the festival!
waywendy 2009-9-18 21:56
Jenny7: Have a good rest and be happy every day, no matter how busy you are~
You're so considerate. Thank you very much.
and the same to you . Take good care of yourself
waywendy 2009-9-18 21:49
Jenny7: I'm busy recently, so I do not take part in the conversation often~
no problem.
I'm also a little busy and tried  these days
waywendy 2009-9-18 21:40
Jenny7: 林夕
oh, I see
Jenny.gan9381 2009-9-17 10:36
Hell Jenny ,sorry for late reply, really busy...
Nice to meet u here!
waywendy 2009-9-16 17:33
hmm,which is you in the group?
waywendy 2009-9-14 23:21
Jenny7: I just join in and find everyone has a different name in the group!
yeah, the members are all from dioenglish and we didn't change our nickname here yet
waywendy 2009-9-14 21:53
Jenny7: Who are you in the QQ group?
I 'm one of the  administrator . And you ?
waywendy 2009-9-14 21:52
Jenny7: Who are you in the QQ group?
waywendy 2009-9-14 01:01
Jenny7: Of course~
lol...thank you
waywendy 2009-9-13 23:01
I just posted a new article , would you like to have a visit to it?
andymotu 2009-9-9 15:13
Jenny7: Nice to meet you~
glad to meet you too and have a good day! 2009-9-7 22:46
Jenny7: Your profile proves how great the nature is~
yeah,do u like that photo? i can show it to u.
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