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Shares Outing during virus outbreak
bluephoebe 2020-4-7 13:28
Qingming Festival is always calling you out to the nature, with flowers blooming and birds chirping and everything turns green and lively. That allure came with such a force this year that we found it hard to resist. We have been trapped at home for just too long because of the unexpected vir ...
Individual Classification: travel|477 views|1 replies Hot 1
Shares Imaginary Trip
bluephoebe 2018-6-20 13:40
It’s a doorway into one of the most sacred places on earth, the place that closest to the heaven. From the peaks of Mountain Potalaka whispering the secret of centuries in the twilight, to the city square hustle and bustle at day, and into the mythical palac ...
Individual Classification: travel|274 views|0 replies
Shares Days in Krabi: Happy Valentine's Day
bluephoebe 2018-2-24 10:47
Days in Krabi: Happy Valentine's Day
I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. I seldom celebrate any anniversaries, let alone Valentine’s Day. However, this year was an exception. On February 14th, we arrived at Rawi Warin Resort in Lanta island. At the reception, a local girl w ...
Individual Classification: travel|495 views|1 replies Hot 1
Shares Day one in Krabi: the feast of colors
bluephoebe 2018-2-18 11:29
Day one in Krabi: the feast of colors
Our family just came back from a six-day trip to Krabi, Thailand. Whenever I feel like getting stuck in a steady 9-to-5, travelling would become a great escape for me. Besides nothing can be more conciliatory than a beach holiday in such a gloomy, cold winter. Like the ...
Individual Classification: travel|498 views|1 replies Hot 1
Shares Trip to Japan:Universe Studio
bluephoebe 2017-8-11 11:01
Trip to Japan:Universe Studio
What’s the most exciting part of this trip? My son’s answer is definitely “Universe Studios”. In fact, he kept complaining that one day in Universe Studios was so not enough and he insisted that we should spend all our days in Osaka in this place only. This magic place certainly hol ...
Individual Classification: travel|473 views|2 replies Hot 2
Shares Trip to Japan: Before its Beginning
bluephoebe 2017-8-7 16:55
Trip to Japan: Before its Beginning
It’s been half a month since I came back from my trip to Japan. Perhaps it’s time to write something about it before my memories starts to wear off. Like I always said, I love travelling. What a wonderful way it is to break off the routines, to explore the world, and to experience something ...
Individual Classification: travel|440 views|6 replies Hot 3
Shares Off to See the World
bluephoebe 2017-6-2 16:02
The world is like a giant book. Each country is a chapter and each city is a page. I just wish, if unable to read it through, at least in my rest of life, one day I could finish the most part of this book. There’s always a drifter living in my heart. Off to see the world, there’s so much to ...
Individual Classification: travel|523 views|5 replies Hot 4
Shares Trip to Europe: Alps, we were coming!
bluephoebe 2016-8-24 16:40
Trip to Europe: Alps, we were coming!
As one of the must-visit places in Switzerland, Alps Mountains easily stirred many old memories of mine. When I was a kid, Heidi happened to be my favorite TV series. I’ve learned a lot about Alps Mountains from this show. But at that time Alps seemed to be so far away that I nev ...
Individual Classification: travel|535 views|3 replies Hot 2
Shares Trip to Europe--Black Forest
bluephoebe 2016-8-22 16:33
Trip to Europe--Black Forest
No matter how I hate to leave Heidelberg, we had to hit the road the early next morning. Before we left, a small accident occurred. We couldn’t open the car’s trunk no matter how hard we’d tried. Germans are normally warm hearted. We stopped one who was driving the same car at the parking fo ...
Individual Classification: travel|481 views|3 replies Hot 3
Shares Jouney between Heaven and Hell
bluephoebe 2015-10-15 15:07
Jouney between Heaven and Hell
If you love someone, bring him or her to Ejna Banner, where golden desert poplar leaves weaving a wonderland leading you to the heaven of beauty. If you hate someone, bring him or her to Badain Jaran, where endless desolate desert bridging the abysm dragging you into the hell of despa ...
Individual Classification: travel|805 views|4 replies Hot 3


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