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Shares Remarkable Day
bluephoebe 2011-5-17 10:09
Remarkable Day
It’s a remarkable day in history. Today our furniture hunt can be officially completed. After over one month’s tangled search, heating-up arguments, and excruciating negotiation, today, May 15th 2011, we finally found what we want in our living room: sofa, TV bench, tea table, and cabinet--- ...
Individual Classification: home decoration journey|601 views|8 replies
Shares A matter for regret
bluephoebe 2011-5-6 11:55
If you wiped out your saving account and have poured your heart into a project for nearly five month, you can’t help but expecting a best outcome. However, like they said, home decoration is a business for regret. There is always something unsatisfactory regarding home sprucing-up. I’m not s ...
Individual Classification: home decoration journey|440 views|3 replies
Shares I was so mad
bluephoebe 2011-2-23 14:01
I was so mad at him. I stormed and paced and considered breaking things, except that I liked everything in my room and I didn’t really want to break any of my belongings. But if now I could only have gotten my hands on him, then I probably would have broken a thing or two. For the record ...
Individual Classification: home decoration journey|493 views|14 replies
Shares Blood bleeding experience
bluephoebe 2011-1-14 11:18
After start to decorate our home, my life had settled into a strange routine, and sped by with me mostly in a daze. When I wasn’t busy with my work, I continued pushing my way through seas of information about home decoration, having exhausted my internet search for anything of use. There was ...
Individual Classification: home decoration journey|407 views|4 replies
Shares A mountain to climb
bluephoebe 2010-12-17 09:29
I sank to the sofa and leaned back against the backrest, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for inspiration to strike. It didn’t. There was no order to my thoughts. They jumped and tumbled like autumn leaves in a whirlwind. “Stop worrying, we ...
Individual Classification: home decoration journey|412 views|5 replies
Shares Coming to the bridge
bluephoebe 2010-12-15 11:45
The event that changed the course of my present life came on an utterly unremarkable, dateless Friday night. I was sitting on the sofa, my son was sleeping, and my husband was staring at the computer. He had been glued to the chair for ages without the least attention ...
Individual Classification: home decoration journey|414 views|5 replies


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