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A day of my life

Hot 1260 views. 2018-6-13 10:05 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

I wake up at 5:30 am, and I turn on EMF, an English program I’m learning with, to start a day’s journey.


I’m all ears while I am busy going through morning routines. Then I make breakfast and prepare for today’s dinner. I should say that time-setting is the best discovery of this century. And at the same time, I let the words and sentences I’ve just heard seeping into my mind, lingering there for me to ponder over, to absorb, to make them my own.


Around 7:00 amp, I wake up my son and start my daily must: Immitation Writing—usually I use the sentences I’ve just learned as much as I could. And then I grab a bit to eat, set loop play for HDSM and  drive my son to his school. The reason I don’t drive directly from school to the office is simple: No parking lot or no parking lot at a reasonable fee. So, I park my car at home and walk to the office.

 The 30 minutes’ walk is the only thing that I am close to keep fit and it’s also the time where I finish “Immitation Reading” of EMF. 


It’s another hectic day and I manage to shop for groceries after lunch. I try to keep my mind occupied all the time. However, still just one moment that I let my guard down and before I noticed, I find myself buying another medical insurance. It’s the second insurance I bought for myself since my husband got sick.


It’s really ridiculous. What we really need is the medical insurance for my husband, however, since he is in hospital, there is no insurance for him to buy. Therefore, what’s use of my medical insurance? It’s highly unlikely that I would be taken ill too.  Fate is not that cruel, isn’t it? Desperate move comes from a desperate person.


After work, I pick up my son and we finally arrive at home. There is nothing to talk about after that: dinner, clean as usual. Then we settle down together for homework.


Before sleep, I give a call to my husband in hospital. Both of us try our best to not to betray our worries, fears and other negative thoughts, but both of us know what’s really behind our cheerful chat.


Perhaps it’s not a fancy way of living, but still this is my life that I’ll try to enjoy it anyway.

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Reply wangjide01 2018-6-13 17:20
So substantial life you have. It' s so hard to have the same pace with you. Take a break and have rest is needed for you sometimes.
Hope your husband get well soon.
Reply bluephoebe 2018-6-14 14:41
wangjide01: So substantial life you have. It' s so hard to have the same pace with you. Take a break and have rest is needed for you sometimes.
Hope your husband  ...
Thank you. I also want to cut myself some slacks. However, the more i feel insecure about the future, the harder for me to stop. I just want to fill every minute of my life with something productive and meaningful. And right now, there is so much remain unknown. So, here I am. Thank you, any way. Good luck.

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