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Time for some crazy stuff

143 views. 2018-12-12 16:41

Call me crazy or desperate or anything you want, I just entered my whole family, all of three -a tired, a weak, and a sick for Chengdu Panda Marathon 2019, which would hold in March 17th next year.

If everything goes well, I would run half-marathon, my husband and my son would be in happy run-5 km three months later. Of course, it’s a mission impossible for now, but we have three-plus months to go.

Miracle certainly could happen in 125 days. I believe if you want something badly enough, that wish would find the power to call the thing into being. Therefore, having faith really means a lot.

As days and weeks and months stretch into the unknown future, time would start blurring and blending and eventually getting lost in the distant future. To set up a flag, from this point of view, is really important.


Speaking of spirit-over-matter issue, how could we forget about Marvel and DC?


While everyone is talking about Avengers: Endgame, today I’d like to stay with Aquaman.



For years, Kingdom of Atlas only exist in my dreams. As a legend, it has inspired my curiosity and fueled my imaginations in the most fantastic way.


I mean, lost culture, fallen island, buried secrets, and grandeur ocean, one alone is enough to grip my attentions and when all are rolled into one, bang! You bet that it could set my imaginations totally free.


Mr. Wen and the team behind “Aquaman” has done such a great job that this movie has reached beyond my wildest dream about Atlas could go. I’m a crazy dreamer, so that really says something. Mr. Wen, the man who was behind some most scary movies, incorporated horror element into sci-fic and he stretched it so far that he actually created something tantalizingly beauty, the kind of beauty that make all your hair stand.


He really throws an awful lot into this mind-blowing two hours: whirling underwater world, eye-catching creatures, attractive customs and people, and spectacular scenes.


The story is simple. But in a movie like that the story is often upstaged by the world it presents to its audience. Who cares about the story?


So if someone asked me what Atlas could be possibly like, I would say: Go and try Aquaman.

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