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The Fragility of Beauty

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“Notre-Dame de Paris, in particular, is a curious specimen of this variety. Every surface, every stone of this venerable pile, is a page of the history not only of the country, but of science and of art.” Victor Hugo described this masterpiece in his famous <Notre-Dame de Paris> .

And Now, everything, every coating of imprint left by wave of time, every layer on the monuments deposited by each race was destroyed and turned into pieces in the rage of a fire. The ghost of Quasimodo could no longer wait for his beloved girl at the awakening of the bells. Notre-Dame was gone forever, and a piece of Paris died.

Paris, with its Notre-Dame, has always been one of these cities I wanted to visit. In fact, about two years ago, I did plan a family trip to France and Italy. However, one of my friends happened to be robbed and got badly injured in Rome at that time and this accident changed my mind. We went to German and Switzerland instead.

But I always thought, one day, I would go to Paris. I would sip a cup of Latte at a café by Seine River, letting the beauty of Notre-Dame taking my breath away.

I forgot that life’s beauty is inseparable from its fragility. You make a plan and think you’ve taken everything into consideration, and one day something unexpected happen and change everything. You comfort yourself with your maybe-one-day list, and all of sudden “maybe” become “never”. You walk down the street with hope, but only find yourself in the alley of despair. The only certainty in this world is uncertainty. The point is to embrace this fragility, navigate this life with appreciation and gratitude, and most of all, try to marry your dream, your desire with action as best as you can, as soon as you can.

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Reply simplelin 2019-4-17 09:17
Sometimes  it's  all  about now or never
Reply sys 2019-4-17 11:05
I am a little exited that browse your article again . it is long time to meet you here .
Reply bluephoebe 2019-4-17 14:29
sys: I am a little exited that browse your article again . it is long time to meet you here .
What a great pleasure! Writing is part of my life, and I'm still writing daily on wechat mini-program. if you like, you can join us at 微信小打卡里搜:EMF Daily Must) But i'll keep my post here if i got time.  

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