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129 views. 2019-5-14 16:22 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

There are quite a few big stories going on here and they have grabbed a lot of public attention. Here I’m just trying to write down how I feel about them. So, it’s just personal and I certainly don’t mean to pass judgements or cause any troubles.

No.1 Trade War. Honestly, it makes me feel uneasy. I’m pacifist and anything related to the word war makes me uncomfortable. I understand that some differences are hard to settle down through negotiations, especially through political negotiations. But is it a lose-lose situation really the only way out? Okay it’s really a big topic. Right now for the most of us, the real concern about this news probably is just how it is going to affect the stock market--, I mean if you happen to have some money in it. But for the long run, who knows?

No.2 Bullying at school. It’s insane. I mean, stabbing-a-ten-year-old boy to death in front of your daughter, and you call it to protect her from school bullying? This big story ignites a national dialogue about bullying at school and I understand how we all hate it, but as a mum, I could never understand this man’s behavior. Honestly, it chills me to the bones to see so many netizens even applauding for him, describing him as sort of a hero. Honestly, I don’t know which one scares me more, school bullying or this twisted celebration for murdering a boy in his own class room. Even if when violence is the only way to curb violence—which I seriously doubt it, pick up your target right, find his father to have an one-on-one fight.

No.3 WeChat New Rule. Okay, it’s great for our learners. I bought another course from Qingke as soon as I knew that I didn’t need to share it in my moments to get full refund. I know our social medium has already become ad-riddled hellscapes, but I never expected that “Education” would become the first target to make a change. When I open my moments to find the others learning records all over, it’s a little bit annoying, but at the same time it pushes me forward. Personally, I think it’s so much better than to see false news and other ads flooding your screen.


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