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Two days in hell

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“How are you?”

Even I am the master of “I am fine” and I’ve learnt English for many years as a Chinese, I couldn’t blurt out that classic answer even a kindergarten student is capable of: “I’m fine, thank you. And you?”

I am the opposite of “fine”. There are six pills I need swallow. Staring at them, I am shaking all over----with fears.

I know I need some adjustment for my new treatment and one of the side effects is diarrhea. How stupid and naïve two days ago when I shrugged it off as a minor issue. After two days in hell, now I have a brand-new cognition about the word “diarrhea”. I went to the bathroom constantly, until there was nothing left and I collapsed on the bed like a stinky dead fish out of water, out of everything.

Having a running stomach was not the worst, and the worst part was “throwing up”. Puking should not be something new, I mean, after a pregnancy and 7 chemos. However, it’s never been this kind of “throwing up”, like, you throw up whatever you eat, you throw up your guts out. I don’t want to relive it anyway.

My doctor asked me to stop for a while until I got my breath back. But it’s just temporary solution. Today, I have to continue and I have to take the devil of these six pills.

Brace up and go.

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Reply teadrinking 2019-12-2 22:54
Only the one who suffers knows what the experience is. Usually, we even cannot stand for the pain of a needle or sand in the eye.

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