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Go to the hospital--Part 2

Hot 1321 views. 2020-2-14 16:14 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

Feeling like a failure, I trudged along in the hospital. Then a name came into my mind like a flash cutting through the darkness: Doctor Liu.

She is the doctor from the special clinic, and she prescribes the regular drugs for us. I know it’s not her business when it comes to evaluation checks. However she is such a nice and considerate doctor that I felt she could understand and she would not let me come back empty-handed. I was right. She hesitated just a little bit but still prescribed for me.

This winter, we have been moved into tears by so many doctors and nurses. Most of them keep Hippocratic Oath at heart: “The health of my patient will be my first consideration. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life.”

Unfortunately, my doctor probably is not one of them but fortunately we still have angels in white like doctor Liu and many other hero, who literally light up the sky in this tunnel of darkness.

The hospital is the least place we want to go now, but many doctors hold firmly to their positions against all the odds.

The air in the hospital was so intense that I doubt if we could use it to generate electricity. When we were waiting for our ultrasonic check, most of us tried to keep a careful distance with each other. The single sound of coughing could make our hairs all on stand.

There was an old man lying on the bed, waiting for his turn. He had troubles breathing and he tried several times to remove his mask. His wife tried her best to comfort him. She held his hand, kept stroking his forehead and talked to him in a low, pacifying voice: “It’s Okay. Don’t move…”

Through the disturbing silence of this place, her trembled voice combined with his troubled breathing tolled like a distant bell. Every single sound echoed with a stinging loneliness. An icy current ran up and down my spine.

For the first time, I could actually hear the footstep of death. I could smell it in the air.

Here I am just talking about the hospital in Chengdu. And what would it be like in Wuhan?

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Reply IMNONARCISSUS 2020-2-15 20:54
God bless you! Everything will be fine!
Reply bluephoebe 2020-2-16 10:31
IMNONARCISSUS: God bless you! Everything will be fine!
Thank you. God bless us all.

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