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Hot 191 views. 2020-3-20 13:23 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

All of sudden, you can’t focus, you can’t sleep, you lost appetites and you lost interests in almost everything. In fact, everything tires you, even breathing tires you. And you know, you are in big trouble.

All of these times, you pretend to be strong and brave, you pretend everything is fine and you still have a pretty normal life. You have become the master of pretending.

You put all of your emotions, your angers, your fears, and you despair in check, you’d compacted them into the darkest corner of your heart until it came into the explosive point.

And here you are, on the very edge of collapsing.

The million dollar question is: do you want to hold on or not.

Negative emotions, no matter how hard you’ve tried to ignore, won’t disappear. The first thing of the first, you need to identify your major threat, face it and process it.

You know, you’ve always known, it’s the anger that eating you alive.

You feel angers, boiling up inside, burning every cell of you.

You feel angers because you should be the one to be taken care of, to be comforted, and to be hugged, not the otherwise, and you feel ashamed of this thought, you feel ashamed of your weakness.

You feel angers because you hate yourself not to be independent enough when you have no one to count on.

You feel angers but you have nowhere to bring it out.

All you could do is to go for a running. It helps but can’t solve the problem. It’s just, you know, when you are sweating, you feel more alive.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-3-22 14:35
At the edge of depression, on the thought of living on, in the hope of getting better, with the faith of a better tomorrow, we struggle to live, wishing to change something. In the very disappointment, we cannot figure out what exactly we should do. In the brief release, we realise we are still alive even we are breathing  with pains.

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