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I am invincible

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I caught a cold, not a bad one. It started with a sore throat, then the fatigue, doubling and tripling within moments until I was completely drowning in it.


So I spent almost a whole day lying in bed and it just got worse and worse. After the surgery, my left chest is sort of half-petrified, I need some exercises to pump into the blood into it so it is not that stiff. When I stopped exercising, it feels like my circulation has also stagnate, therefore the sores settle in and try to take control of my body.


I know it’s not just physically, but both mentally. I watched that my husband once slept himself into a cripple, both mentally and physically, and how it took to get him on his feet again. After that, I got a bed-rest phobia. I start to believe, as long as I could stand up and live like a normal person, I was invincible and I was above the cancel. It’s an elegant deception, a mental pirouette.


Therefore, I pulled myself out of the bed with the intensity of an insane. The ear-ringing was so loud that I almost stumbled over. However, I managed to stand up and I could hear my heart beating wildly under the thin film of skin and it almost drown out my ear-ringing.


I don’t know if it is another spirit-over-matter case, and I am just swept up in this superstition, but I did feel after I forced myself into my daily routine: learning, reading, cleaning and helping my son with his study. It’s like a battle, I literary took back the control of my body, piece by piece.


I want to shout out: here is the proof: nothing touches me—not the cold, not the cancer. 

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Reply teadrinking 2020-10-27 13:52
Nothing can stop a person but the inner mind, it lies in what the guy thinks about the life. You have been doing well to remain the will to stand up. Your words do give me a belief that you are a lady who are always keeping fighting for yourselves and saying no to the destiny.

It is getting cold, take care.

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