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Inner drive is a bitch

Hot 1142 views. 2020-11-12 18:16 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

I am behind almost everything. I haven’t written for like decades; I missed a whole week’s EMF and I didn’t go any further either in Educated or The Thirteen tales. Today, I finally settled down for some reading.


I could come up with a lot of reasons to explain that. I had the hospital runs to make, process for sick retirement to go through and I also had that cramping, sharp, stabbing, gnawing pain on my toe. My nail grew inside and wedged into my flesh, which got so badly infested that it formed a big blister pustule.


The doctor said that he had to pull off my whole nail. During the process, I grasped my husband’s arm tightly and screamed like a baby. In the end, the doctor had to give way and only clipped half of it.


It pained like hell but after that savage torture, I do feel a lot better.


Then it came double 11. Happy birthday. Who would want to learn it away in such a day? After all it’s my second birthday since I got cancer and the whole nation went crazy about it with such a spending fever. Okay, I admit that I was carried a little bit away. 


None of these excuses is lame, but an excuse is still an excuse. I guess there was always a tiny voice deep inside my heart and that voice was whispering: one day you’ll get life back and be prepare, girl.


And now, that voice is hushed. I’m retired, what’s the point of learning, or precisely, what’s the point of hard-learning? Go for a happy learning instead, no schedule, no aim, learn it whenever the mood of learning strikes you.


Somehow, today I find myself going back to my old routine and trying to catch up with my old schedule. Okay, fine, old habits die hard. Just do whatever you want.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-11-12 20:37
A thorn from a cactus just tortures. Any of a pain from issues does hurt deeply into heart. May you are well and Happy birthday.

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