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Shares Hope
bluephoebe 2019-2-12 10:05
Each holiday can be seen as a personal crusade against the 9 to 5 routines. The greater success you've gained during the holiday, either as exciting as travelling, or as sedentary as staying at home, the less comfortable it seems to be when you go back to work. But this is part ...
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Shares Three questions to ask yourself about everything you do
bluephoebe 2019-2-10 10:27
Three questions to ask yourself about everything you do
T his Spring Festival starts with a running and ends with a running. I was running from the sunlight warm New Year’s Eve to the windy chilly fifth day of new year. A mischievous circle of six days from 6 miles to 14 miles gave this holiday a sort of sense of ritual. ...
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Shares Old Memories, New City
bluephoebe 2019-2-8 09:13
Old Memories, New City
I was born in 1986 out of Chengdu Amusement Park. Once, I was the best Roller Coaster. I sent many, many people fly into the sky and rush downhill into a twisting drop. With me, the connection between my riders and the world was strengthened in every ride. T he adrenaline rush, ...
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Shares Shakespeara
bluephoebe 2019-1-25 11:23
One of my son’s homework is to read Shakespeare during this winter holiday. Well, Shakespeare is probably a bit difficult for a six-grade. Every time when he is reading it, he looks like he’s drinking vomit, with his face crumpled up all together. Three days later I decided ...
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Shares follow your inner wire
bluephoebe 2019-1-22 15:50
I used to collect notebooks. In fact, I went so far that it had become kind of obsession. Once I laid my eyes on one of those beautiful, fabulous notebooks, I just could tear my eyes off it until it had become mine. Everything was great, except that one teen tiny little thing: My ha ...
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Shares New ways of learning
bluephoebe 2019-1-16 11:52
One of my new year resolutions in 2019 is to run half-marathon. It’s a bit challenging for me cause so far, the longest distance I’ve ever run is 5 Kms, which I run regularly, still we are talking about half-marathon here--four times plus. So, I check APP KEEP, finding that ...
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Shares Post Traumatic Growth
bluephoebe 2019-1-15 10:35
I’ve learned English with TED for sometimes. I find that it is not just about English Speaking. It involves stepping out of your thinking frame to enable you to look at things from a different aspect—or precisely, the ideas worthy of spreading. The most frequently m ...
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Shares New Year Resolution
bluephoebe 2019-1-10 10:43
At the beginning of this year, I look back what new year resolutions I’ve made for 2018. And unfortunately, all of my resolutions have been achieved. Yes, you got me right here that I said in 2018, I achieved all of my resolutions and yes, I said it was unfortunately. You see, new year resol ...
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Shares I just need a hug, is it too much?
bluephoebe 2018-12-16 11:29
I came out of the hospital, yes, I came out of the hospital again. I didn’t how many times I went in and out of it this year, I lost count. I guess, this times it’s the last straw and I might not able to handle it. Still I sent my son to his weekend school, and I finished daily ...
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Shares Word of Year 2018
bluephoebe 2018-12-15 09:02
While Oxford Dictionaries has chosen “toxic” as its word of year, I chose mine: “Learn”, selecting it from a short list that included such negative contenders as “Slipped Disc” “Midlife Crisis” and “Break down”. A TED speaker once said that you need something within your co ...
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