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Shares Twisted Logic
2020-1-29 15:27
I’m not a fan of basketball. All right, that’s an understatement. The truth is, I’ve never played nor seen a basketball game in my whole life. For me, Kobe Bryant only occasionally exists in EMF, an English program I’m learning now. So for me, his death didn’t come as a shock as it ...
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Shares God bless us all
2020-1-26 15:51
Several days ago, I still had great plan for this Spring Festival. Back at that time, a visit to HK and Macao during holiday seemed to be a great idea. And then the news about Wuhan virus broke out. At first, I didn’t take it seriously. However, my husband insisted that we should cancel our ...
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Shares Reunion
2020-1-17 11:34
There are days I would dream about my work. In those dreams, I always was trying to meet a deadline. It’s just been six months since I stopped working, but it already felt like something unreal, something that belongs to my previous life. A few days ago, K, a colleag ...
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Shares Challenge 6: Go back to routines
2020-1-16 12:01
I took some days off. I stopped learning, reading, exercising and I stopped carrying on my little challenge games. For the most of time, I put my cellphone away and ignored most of my Wechat messages. I slept late, trifled away my time and generally speaking, I’d been sluggish all the time. ...
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Shares Challenge 5: Live as normally as possible.
2020-1-7 16:36
It’s a sunny day. The sun finally penetrated through the permanent smug layer coughed up by the congestion below, and colored everything with the glowing, shimmering hope. It’s time to go out but I spent a whole morning in bed, listening to an audio book. Suspense, ...
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Shares Challenge 4: Be more sociable
2020-1-6 10:59
Challenge 4: Be more sociable Yesterday Mr. Liu, one of my husband’s friends, invited us out for a lunch. To be more precisely, he is more of a client than a friend. Two years ago, my husband was a commercial property manager and Mr. Liu opened a toy shop at the shopping ma ...
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Shares Challenge 3: Reopen my Wechat public account
2020-1-4 16:06
For the record, I don’t like giving up halfway. However, there are still things I dropped and I quitted for multiple reasons. And my WeChat public account is just one of them. Unlike any other WeChat account, I opened it just for fun. It’s not to sell or publicize anything. ...
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Shares Challenge No. 2: Thirty minutes’ yoga
2020-1-3 08:59
Challenge No. 2: Thirty minutes’ yoga Let’s set the scene. You have a blister on the bottom of your both feet. And you have two options for exercise: one, thirty minutes jogging on the treadmill; two, thirty minutes Yoga on the soft yoga mat. I guess 99% percent of p ...
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Shares Make Changes,Now
2020-1-2 10:32
It’s hard to put the effort in to make changes, but it’s a lot harder to accept the reality that life could have been different. So stop waiting for the perfect moment. No more “I’ll start tomorrow.” No! Now is the time to go out and do something bold, to bring that fires back to life, n ...
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Shares A letter to Y2020
2020-1-1 13:26
Dear Y2020: My dearest dear, I am so glad to finally, finally, finally meet you here. I know you are just a going on of Y2019, which means all the troubles, sufferings and hardship Y2019 had been in store for me would continue. Right now, you might rack up your ...
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