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A good website

698 views. 2012-7-5 00:03 |

    Well! I'd like to be grateful to my friend who introduce me this website! It's a very useful website. On this platform, I can say whatever I want to say. Even something I just keep them inside my heart, or something I'm vexed and depressed. Also, i can browse some good essay here. I think it can help me to improve my English level. So, next, I will keep this habit! I like this website!

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2012-7-5 08:22
Hope you get a lot in this platform!
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-5 08:27
Yeah! I hope!
Reply byxiamo 2012-7-5 09:10
I found it by chance,and I also introduced it to my friends.
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-5 20:52
Yeah! We should share the good thing each other!
Reply loly90 2012-7-5 22:07
I'm glad you like it, dear. I hope you can be a happy and lively girl like the way you work, my friend. Good night!
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-5 23:24
Yeah! I will! Good night!
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-5 23:24
Reply Iris0311 2012-7-26 16:28
yeah,we should make good use of it to learn more.
Reply Sunset 2012-7-26 17:53
Anybody know when the websit was been built?
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-26 21:41
Sorry! I don't know! I'm recommended by my colleagues!
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-26 21:45
Yes! You are right! So let us take the most advantage of it!

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